Spicy Freezer Pickles Recipe

Some of my favorite foods from my childhood are the pickled foods my Pop brought up in mason jars from his basement, including his freezer pickles.

It started with Pop's freezer pickles, and then my mom's, and now ours, with a twist and a kick! I shared the original recipe that's been passed down with our addition.

We like a little spice at my house and we had jalapeños in the garden, so we added them and these pickles are yummy! They're also super easy to make!

First you chop up your veggies. I grew up with cucumbers, onions, and bell peppers. We used cucumbers, green beans, and jalapeños.

Next, make your brine. You can find a printable recipe with the exact measurements on the blog.

Finally, pour your brine over your veggies and that's it! Refrigerate overnight or divide everything into separate containers to freeze. 

Find a printable recipe with exact measurements and extra details on the blog!

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