But there’s another, potentially even more important, impactful thing in our lives to spring clean – our finances. We’ve got a handful of helpful tips ahead for spring cleaning your finances.

Reconcile your budget. Make sure you’ve got accurate tabs on what’s what in your budget right now.  – Refresh it accordingly. Wait…you HAVE a budget, right? Right????  – Check your spending. Make note of any spending and check whether or not it aligns with your end goals. – Expense-check your calendar. By this I mean sit down with your calendar and check out what’s upcoming. – Consolidate accounts. I did this not too long ago and it was SO freeing!  – Check your credit score. Do some credit repair. –  Credit repair can seriously help if/when you find yourself facing some mistakes – since hey, they happen!

Set up auto-pays for bills to avoid late fees – Set yourself up with anything due regularly. – Throw some extra to retirement. Rate shop around. – Don’t settle for face value if there’s better value around the corner!  – Cancel subscriptions. – If I had a nickel for every random iTunes subscription in my bill…wow.  – Go paperless.Check out your emergency fund. – An emergency fund is life-saving – literally! Yours should be able to cover about 3 to 6 months of living expenses.  – Check in on investments. – Spring cleaning your finances should always always always involve checking in on any investment portfolios you have. If you can, MAX OUT.

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