MY PROS: – The bigger, 40 oz size obviously holds more liquid, meaning less trips to refill. – The handle is a pro…but also a con. – It definitely keeps your drinks cold and ice frozen – their website guarantees 7 hours hot, 11 hours cold, and 2 days iced. wall. 😉

MY CONS: – Most notable con for me is its weight when it’s full of liquid + ice – my wrist gets tired and I find it a bit uncomfortable to tout around. So for as much as a handle is a pro, it’s also a con for me here, because I end up holding it by its body to lessen discomfort when the Quencher is full. – Doesn’t actually fit in my car cup holder. IDK if I just have smaller holders, but the height doesn’t fit under my dash.

MY PROS: – Doesn’t sweat, DOESN’T LEAK. You get such a strong seal around the straw that literally NOTHING comes out when tipped. – Fits in my car cup holder – A bit lighter weight than the Stanley Quencher, and higher rated.  – Keeps my drink cold as long as I need it to – I should be actively hydrating, so I don’t really NEED the same beverage to be cold sitting out for two days…ha!

MY CONS: – I have none. Literally. None. We have 4 in our house.

*When this post was first published, it was before Simple Modern launched the Trek Tumbler, so I had originally compared the Stanley Quencher to the OG Simple Modern tumbler cup. Those details can still be found in the full blog post!

SPOILER ALERT:  I LOVE IT. It’s been my favorite cup for years at this point for a reason…heck, I even designed my own for the THRIVING Collection.

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