Sharing a few tips on what to wear for family pictures this year, to make the day easier + happier all around.

PICK A LOCATION – Your location (and time of year) will obviously inform what you wear, as well as the overall color scheme and vibe, so choosing this first definitely helps.

START WITH YOUR OWN OUTFIT – Go dressier than your everyday. – Dresses photograph beautifully – opt for a more fitted waist, a flattering top, and flow.  – If you’re wearing denim, keep it classic in wash and cut  – Minimal fuss, maximal flatter! – Know which fabrics feel + flow best.  – Let it still feel like you!

PICK A COLOR PALETTE -Choose a starting shade and a neutral. -Keep colors complementary. -Keep patterns to a minimum. DON’T BE TOO MATCHY-MATCHY -Opt for shades of the same hue to keep things from being too matchy.

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