How to be Most Productive Working from Home

Ever since 2020, more and more people are working from home. If thats you and you feel like you could be more productive or you generally want to improve your productivity, here are some tips.

Be strict with wake up times. And wake up the same time everyday.

Get dressed for the day. Everyone rejoices at the thought of pajamas for days…at first. In reality, look good = feel good

Do hair + makeup, too! I’m not always the best at this but notice a SIGNIFICANT difference in both my productivity and my mood when I put in the extra few minutes in the morning.

Work somewhere comfortable…but also slightly UNcomfortable (in a dedicated workspace) Try to sit in a chair with a hard back (so no sofas, sis!) with good posture, in a space that can *just* be for work.

Plan breaks around results… …and make breaks count! If I’m working on a deadline or have something that HAS to get done, I won’t let myself break until it happens.

Don’t leave things open-ended. Time block, baby! My MOST productive days working from home are packed schedules.

Have to-do lists, but also got-it-done lists. This can be really effective in helping to hold yourself accountable while working from home, especially if you’re your own boss for some things now. Have a sheet of paper that you fill up throughout the day with things you accomplished.

No YouTube, TV, or other distractions allowed. Basically nix the Netflix! Distractions are the #1 time killer.

Plan socializing with colleagues/friends. One of my biggest gripes with working from home is always how isolating it can feel – because it is! Plan time to socialize. One of my friends and I FaceTime each other during the day.

No non-work work during the day That includes laundry, dishes, etc. Go to work the same way you would at the office – and you wouldn’t stop writing up a work report to organize your bathroom cabinet, would you?

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