Haaaappy weekend! J is on a golf trip, so it’s just me and the OG this weekend. 🙂 #SendPrayers – ha! I’ve got a feeling that Frozen is in our immediate future…and maybe pedicures? I’ve also got some shoots on the calendar, so it’ll probably be a whirlwind 48 hours! Hope you’ve got some relaxation + productivity planned – happy Weekend Reading. 

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 120 - on Coming Up Roses


  1. These are apparently the best beach reads of 2021
  2. And these are apparently the best new hotels in the world
  3.  18 weird yet satisfying self-care rituals
  4. Got this 8-pack of flower sunnies for Liv – she’s OBSESSED (and they’re on sale!)
  5. YUMMY: Rocky Road Brownies
  6. This checkered tote is the Louis Vuitton look for less – for only $49 instead of $1,500.
  7. How to turn down an invite without lying 
  8. 10 spring nail ideas from my girlfriend Elly
  9. My latest swimmy purchase – lovelovelove. And under $30 from one of my FAVE swimsuit brands!
  10. This is the happiest man on earth  (And here’s his TED talk!
  11. How to turn your kid’s drawing into a graphic art poster (SO cool!)
  12. Stocked up on Tula’s Supersized SPF for the season – protects against UV, blue light, + pollution without clogging pores or leaving a white cast! (15% off with code: COMINGUPROSES)
  13. If you’re looking for ethical fashion on a budget, here are 11 affordable, worthwhile brands
  14. Tips on making a Sweetgreen-esque salad at home
  15. Just got my Cookie Butter Verb bars in…yum. Get a $25 starter kit for only $12 here, + 4 free sample flavors with it!

Happy weekend reading!