Happy Halloweekend! No tricks, just treats, in today’s Weekend Reading. 😉 Our trio spent yesterday afternoon at Boo at the Zoo – tonight we’ve got a date night to see HAMILTON  (which I am freaking the freak out about, FYI) in Philly, and tomorrow we’ve got church and some afternoon chores before TRICK OR TREATING with Olivia! Any guesses what our family costume is this year?! Safe to say, we’re pretty pumped about it. 😉 Stay tuned to the ‘gram for the big reveal…! Are you dressing up this year?

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 140 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. The upside of losing touch during the pandemic – would you agree?
  2. Making holiday rice krispie treats with Liv ASAP
  3. These are dupes to !
  4. How to break a smartphone addiction
  5. Here are the world’s safest cities (see u in Sweden!)
  6. This looks so chic – and only $20?! Would be a great MIL gift!
  7. Every single Spanx employee just got $10,000 and a first class flight anywhere in the world
  8. YUM for fall brunch: caramel apple cinnamon rolls
  9. is apparently bomb and sells out in, like, 45 seconds – ’twas just restocked! 
  10. Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas 2021 lineup is here!
  11. Lauren gave SO MUCH GOOD INFO on staying off-property at Disney!
  12. Tula’s are FABULOUS. Perfect stocking stuffer! (COMINGUPROSES for 15% off)
  13. OMG The Princess Switch 3 is coming…thoughts on the trailor?
  14. Wanting to try this everything cake – seems super versatile!
  15. 100+ gift ideas for your BFF/sister…or self. 😉

Happy weekend reading!