Weekend, you look good. Especially after a short work week. πŸ˜‰ This is our first full weekend with Olivia, so we’ve got lotsa baby snuggles on the calendar. And maybe naps for mom + dad? πŸ˜‰ My mom spent a few days last week with us to help me get adjusted to it all, and I’m SO grateful for it – she was a saint, and it was great just figuring out Liv’s routine/personality with her there to assist if/when I just needed to pee or pump and have someone hold the baby. Ha! Onto another cuppa coffee over here…pour one yo’self and let’s get to some Weekend Reading, shall we?


  1. This everyday task is KILLING our productivity. (I’m guilty).
  2. The woman who gave movies their G, PG, PG-13, or R ratings just retired after 30 years.
  3. Have ALL the heart eyes for this striped sweater – and it’s 15% off with code ERICA15
  4. How to stop procrastinating by using the 2-minute rule
  5. The stupidest thing Ina Garten has ever done, according to Ina Garten
  6. I got the most Q’s maybe EVER after showing this on my Instastories last week…
  7. How to start an email to your boss
  8. I know it, I lovelovelove it, you’ve heard me talk about it 293858 times – here’s how hyaluronic acid really works.
  9. The postive + negative side effects of stress on the brain
  10. Are you drinking celery juice yet?
  11. What to do when you find yourself in a career rutΒ – great read from my friend, Krystal.
  12. HUUUUUGE SALE ALERT at American Eagle – 60% off clearance, 30% off jeans + joggers, 40% off everything else!
  13. Hellooooo Cocoa Puff Popcorn Balls!
  14. A simple trick to make a world of difference with anxiety
  15. This cucumber gel mask is SO soothing for red, dry winter skin.

Happy weekend reading!

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