After what felt like both the longest and shortest week ever…WE MADE IT. Hello, weekend. 🙂 I’ve got taekwondo for the OG, some content to shoot, and a master bathroom to totally re-organize. Woo! Also have breakfast at one of our fave local spots, a little dessert date night, and Sunday church on the agenda. So many things, so little time…but I’m ready to soak up every second. If you’re needing something new to watch (ie binge) this weekend, we couldn’t stop with Kaleidoscope this week (new on Netflix) – if you’re into heist thrillers with some mystery, it’s a goodie! Onto some #WeekendReading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 161 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Kudos to this Iowa sports reporter doing the weather – ha!
  2. The 25 most popular recipes of 2022 from one of my FAVORITE food sites!
  3. This is huge: code ERICALIGENZA20 *stacks* on the sale section!!!
  4. WHOA, when can I book a stay in this Nova Scotia AirBnB?!?
  5. I found Kat’s thoughts on being uninspired to be…inspired 
  6. These were followers’ favorite finds from everything I shared in 2022 
  7. A teacher told a deaf student the other kids could hear him fart…LOL
  8. 16 things to purge this weekend 
  9. The award for most-clicked link I shared this week goes to (this!)
  10. This essay on the highs and lows of motherhood *nailed it*
  11. This cruise captain hilariously shut down a TikTok troll (you go girl)
  12. Just re-organized our guest bathroom closet with these – so satisfying!
  13. The feel-good video you need today: manatees keeping warm together in Florida
  14. Making ASAP: this buffalo chicken soup
  15. After being sold out for over a month, it finally restocked!!! (THRIVE20 for 20% off!)

Happy weekend reading!