We made it! Hello, weekend! J is as a faith retreat all weekend long, so it’s just me and the OG (and Lucy, Milo, Purrcy, and bebe in my belly – ha!). We’ll be watching a movie and painting nails, I’m sure, but then also on my agenda is purging/decluttering/re-organizing my master bathroom and vanity situation. Send help. But actually, Mimi is to the rescue there already. 😉 ALSO, Sunday is Lucy girl’s first BIRTHDAY! I still can’t believe I have a dog. WHO AM I. But here we are, and for as crazy as she makes me…I could not imagine our little life without her. 🙂 Hope your weekend is looking sweet!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 141 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Jennifer Coolidge is the coolest person in Hollywood
  2. Have you ever tried bullet journaling?
  3. If you need a new pair of classic jeans that won’t break the bank – get these
  4. Apparently these are the best places to go in 2023
  5. Making ASAP: chocolate chia seed protein pudding
  6. OK OK I’ll admit it…I’m obsessed with ice rolling.
  7. Anyone else obsessed with the Blues Clues hosts?
  8. Some practical tips on buying your first Chanel bag
  9. This stuff seriously works MIRACLES to make your eyes look bigger + brighter! (Tarte code: ERICA)
  10. A finalist on The Voice performed a worship song and made everyone cry and I love it
  11. A baby reviewing candle scents on TikTok is exactly what I needed today
  12. I got 99 problems…actually, just 99 Valentine’s Day-ready picks on my Amazon shop!
  13. Did y’all know The Rock can sing?!
  14. The hygge wintering tips we all need
  15. My latest treat yo’self moment…whoops 

Happy weekend reading!