PHEW, the weekend. If you’ve been following along on Stories, maybe you’ve gotten the sense that this week was a bit of a hot mess express behind-the-scenes? We finally got the rest of our kitchen counters re-done…kinda sorta. It’s an ongoing thing. IYKYK. 😉 Now we’re hoping to DIY a backsplash and finish the area ourselves – send prayers. Elsewhere on the agenda, it’s fun family time on Saturday, chuch on Sunday, and some fun photoshoots since I’m feeling a creative muscle flex coming on. Stay tuned…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 137 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. TED LASSO SEASON 3, this is not a drill!!!!!
  2. Liz’s family vacation to Harbour Island has me ready to book a trip!
  3. Our code just got bumped up to 20% off (YAY!) – ERICA20
  4. Booking these non-alcoholic drink recipes for when mama needs a sip:)
  5. “The guilt of feeling happy and mantras to find your joy”
  6. Just got these UGG dupes…they’re INCREDIBLE.
  7. Attention “It Ends With Us” fans: did you see this movie cast announcement?!?!
  8. Great roundup of productivity hacks
  9. This little vacuum has been our saving grace with pets + kids…
  10. The world’s oldest person just died – she was 118!!!
  11. What a fun DIY to do with kids – family skeeball!
  12. Hooked up this plug-in chandelier in my new closet space – only $40 instead of $400!!!
  13. Raise your hand if you’ve had Pastina before – lovelovelove!
  14. This weekend’s TO-BAKE: peanut butter protein chocolate chip cookies
  15. Everything you could possibly need for Valentine’s Day, in one place!

Happy weekend reading!