Is it just me or did this week fly? Maybe it’s because I was traveling on Monday, which always makes things…confusing. I’m such a creature of routine at this point that once that’s disrupted, I’m toast. Is it Monday? Is it Thursday? Did the Eagles actually win the Superbowl? J and I both felt like we were flying at 100 in work all week long, so today will likely be a lot of catching up on housechores. What fun adulting is, right? 😉 Also on the agenda: homemade Rice Krispie treats and a movie. What’re your plans?

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 189 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Chick-Fil-A just launched a cauliflower sandwich – have you tried it?
  2. Hearing rave reviews about this chocolate banana bread – my 4 brown bananas are ready 😉
  3. Latest obsession: EBY. Awesome brand mission, awesome seamless bras/undies. Get 25% off right now if you spend $75, and stack extra 15% off with code ERICALIGENZA
  4. Day maker: This adorable one-year-old shocking himself with taking his first steps
  5. How to goal-set based on your Enneagram type (SO interesting)
  6. These joggers live up to the hype – Lucy PEED on them and it instantly evaporated. 😱  Serious sweat wicking at work!
  7. How you can be there for someone when you don’t know what to say
  8. Kallie’s “backward decluttering” hack is…kinda brilliant
  9. SUPER impressed with my latest Pink Lily haul – have been living in this comfy set already. (20% off code: ERICA20)
  10. Just adding the 20 most beautiful places in Italy to my bucket list
  11. This hot honey whipped feta dip is a must make…on my list this weekend!
  12. LOOK FOR LESS: These $15 sunnies look juuuust like this $175 pair!
  13. What I tell myself when I wake up 32 times a night because #hormones
  14. Have you heard of habit stacking? (It’s my favorite productivity hack!)
  15. I’ll be wearing this tinted SPF all spring/summer long – it just launched + WILL sell out! 20% off code: THRIVE20

Happy weekend reading!