It’s the fiiiinal countdoooown! This very well may be the last #WeekendReading for a hot sec with Baby G right around the corner…TBD. 😉 I promise it’s a goody – grab your coffee and hunker down for a read. (+ make sure you’re in the CURowd for realtime updates + behind-the-scenes family life in the next few weeks…!)

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 199 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Well, this is quite the commute.
  2. Kathleen’s Greek salad garlic bread looks DIVINE – making STAT.
  3. This is so gorgeous + SO flattering (will sell out!)
  4. When “just” doing your job is the best, most important thing – so heartwarming
  5. “You are not faster than your feelings.”
  6. LAST CHANCE to carpe diem my increased Tarte code – ERICA25 for !!!
  7. The best movies for toddlers (solid roundup!)
  8. A very comprehensive guide to a weekend in Napa/Sonoma
  9. Obsessed with my new Hokas…the collection is growing!
  10. The #1 trick for enjoying family travel
  11. For this summer’s strawberry harvest: 5-ingredient strawberry crumble
  12. My favorite are on sale for $15!!!!
  13. LOL @ the honesty in this hilarious kid birthday party invite
  14. 21 of this summer’s best beach reads 
  15. Everything you could possibly need for the 4th of July, arriving in time

Happy weekend reading!