…It’s my BIRTHDAY WEEKEND!!!!!! WOO! Happy Weekend Reading indeed. 🙂 We’ve got some fun birthday festivities on the agenda – at least I think, since J is planning something up his sleeve and hasn’t clued me in it. Ha! 😉 But last night we did the Cheesecake Factory for dinner per my request, and HOLY MOLY delish. Saturday morning I’m at a little church retreat thing for some Jesus time to kickoff my new year of life, and then WHO KNOWS. The weekend is our oyster, folks. Hope this weekend reading adds some fun to yours!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 29 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. These 24 cognitive biases are totally warping your perception of reality – such a cool psychology read!
  2. Great tips on shopping (+ saving on) designer bags in Europe!
  3. This maxi dress screams springtime (+ is 15% off with code ERICA15)
  4. This is not a drill: Disney launched new Dole whip cones!!!
  5. “Friendship requires sacrifice”
  6. Perfect giftable for mamas: stackable rings with her kids’ names! 
  7. Adding these easy garlic noodles to our meal plan this week!
  8. This dad put a microphone on his son for hockey practice – totally sweet, funny, heartwarming watch.
  9. I need these immediately.
  10. SUPER clever storage ideas for your bedroom – lovelovelove #4!
  11. Jean shared a LOT about her postpartum depression – a good read for moms and friends-of-moms alike.
  12. A timeline of Bradley Cooper + Lady Gaga’s friendship
  13. How cute is this mud room welcome sign?!
  14. Kelly did SUCH an in-depth Kon Mari job on her clothing…
  15. Dying to try Glossier’s chemical exfoliant

Happy weekend reading!

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