Whaddddddup weekend?!? And with it, Weekend Reading. Also…hi, June. My sweet nail girl opened up shop for me at 8 am this morning to make it happen, which is exactly the kinda attitude I lovelovelove. šŸ˜‰ So we’re kickin’ off this weekend with fresh claws…and likely a fresh coffee + bagel combo because that’s just how we do weekends right. Ya feel? Now onto some reads…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 27 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Why am I so tired?
  2. In case you caught the red carpet coverage and felt clueless…what the heck IS the Met Gala?
  3. Tula JUST (like, yesterday) dropped this new product – and I’m already obsessed. (Code COMINGUPROSES will get you 20% off anything!)
  4. The sh*t they DON’T tell you about sex after baby
  5. Have you tried any of these nail trends this season?
  6. Relaaaaaaax…
  7. These less than $13 Amazon sunnies look a $450 Gucci pair
  8. Here are the ingredients to avoid in your skincare + makeup…
  9. Lovelovelove Katey’s list of things you should know post-grad
  10. Mamas, got these board books for Olivia – they’re fabulous!!!
  11. If you don’t have a wine glass in your shower, what are you doing?
  12. 6 tips for more effective to-do lists
  13. Jaclyn Hill’s favorite self-tanner
  14. In case you need some new everyday salad dressing recipes
  15. Lovelovelove this cute, AFFORDABLE peplum teeĀ 

Happy weekend reading!

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