Haaaaaaappy WEEKEND. Can’t believe another weekend reading is back at it again! Any fun plans on your calendar? Our best friends are coming to hang out with us today, and I’ve got quiiiiite a few things to shoot for you guys tomorrow before heading on two separate work trips next week. Already feeling the PHEW. But, all good things! 🙂 Pour yourself a cuppa joe and have yourself a good, good day.

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 45 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Got one minute? Tackle these chores.
  2. 9 chocolate chip cookie recipes to try this weekend
  3. LoveloveLOVE
  4. How to prevent burnout at work if you’re already in the throes…
  5. Def getting for Liv
  6. Sangria margarita? YAAAAS PLEASE.
  7. What 25 women would tell their 22-year-old selves
  8. If you still need a swimmy, this one is SO GOOD – stays in place, too! (Size UP!)
  9. Some self-improvement podcasts to add to your listen list
  10. Are you Type B personality?
  11. Just finished this book – good psychological thriller!
  12. How to decorate a small space
  13. The best high school movies, ranked
  14. We’ve been OBSESSED with our Roomba – it cleans the house before 6 am.
  15. Which planner you should choose based on your personality type!

Happy weekend reading!

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