Happy WEEKEND, friends. What’s on your agenda? J has got a boys day/night on the books, so Miss O + myself will be spending the day with some of my girlfriends from college whom I have missed SO DANG MUCH – one moved down south and is back up north for the weekend, so I’m so stoked to reconnect again. Beyond that, prayers for peace + R&R time, because it’s much needed. 🙂 Let’s dive into some ~solid~ Weekend Reading together…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 46 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. Here’s what really determines your peace of mind
  2. IT’S ALMOST HERE: The return of the PSL
  3. I have this Louis Vuitton wallet lookalike (not even $20!) from Amazon Prime – it’s good quality, too!
  4. Speaking of lookalikes, this Lululemon jacket alternative  is under $40 + FABULOUS.
  5. You know your girl loveloveloves a good marg – can’t wait to try Katey’s Watermelon Margarita recipe!
  6. FUN FACT: I was in the musical CATS in high school! Cannot wait for this movie
  7. Madewell’s famous classic tote with a crossbody strap – I dig! (30% off with code SEEYA)
  8. 5 quick tips to increase productivity
  9. How to improve your memory even if you can’t find your car keys
  10. If you missed these in the NSALE, they were price-matched + STILL ON SALE here!
  11. Loveloveloved hearing what Krystal learned after 4 years in NYC
  12. 22 guaranteed ways to wake up early + energized
  13. Summer may be almost over, but need to make these Boozy Coconut Freeze Pops
  14. A bunch of real people’s money hacks
  15. Is this sectional dreamy or what???

Happy weekend reading!

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