Happy WEEKEND! Isn’t it UNREAL to think that in less than one month, we’ll be entering a new DECADE? Sheesh. I’ve got a bunch of last-minute holiday shoots on the agenda today, and then we’ve got a holiday party on the calendar tonight! Then we’re *finally* finishing our Christmas decorating tomorrow; our tree has been up since November 1st, but the compromise was holding off on the rest of decorating until after Thanksgiving. Fair. 😉 So TODAY’S THE DAY! Pour yourself a hot cup of something yummy + enjoy this edition of Weekend Reading!

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 60- on Coming Up Roses

  1. ICYMI: Taylor Swift won Artist of the Decade at the AMAs! Here’s her performance.
  2. A 5-minute Trader Joe’s dinner hack: eggroll-in-a-bowl!
  3. My all-time favorite concealer is STILL on super sale…unreal!
  4. How to get inspiration for your Christmas cards if you haven’t sent them out yet!
  5. You know what’s SO much better than celebrities reading mean tweets? Tom Hanks reading NICE tweets.
  6. Speaking of Tom Hanks, here’s what happened when a mom showed her kids vintage Mister Rogers
  7. Here’s how I whiten my teeth at home for the holidays
  8. So interesting: How Julia disciplines her two-year-old
  9. The only 3 ingredients you need in your skincare routine based on your skin type, according to a dermatologist
  10. Our new Christmas tradition: monogram ornaments for a “family tree”
  11. The psychological evidence behind being a “morning person” or a “night person” (FASCINATING)
  12. 10 tips for making your pizza at home
  13. Bought this comfy jumpsuit on Cyber Monday – it’s on CLEARANCE + is perfect for traveling!
  14. What to eat, stay, + play in Paris, France (on my bucket list!)
  15. These are my favorite designer lookalike bracelets that are SO affordable + make great gifts!

Happy weekend reading!

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