Happy WEEKEND – anyone else’s week flyyyyyy by? It was a week and I’m so glad to have a little breather for a hot sec now. We’ve got plans to see some friends that we haven’t seen in a year+, and our master bed is FINALLY being delivered after it was backordered back in MARCH. Praise the sweet Lord Baby Jesus. And then our annual family photos are happening Sunday evening, so I’m STOKED. Time to soak up the in-between moments and pour another cuppa coffee…time for some Weekend Reading. 🙂


  1. How to declutter your closet with a box
  2. Drinking ASAP: Ranch water. (Sounds like a less-sugary margarita!)
  3. Some Olay faves are 50% off right now – overnight gel masks, serum sticks, treatments + more!
  4. Are you taking a daily walk yet?
  5. YUM: Crockpot chicken teriyaki
  6. One of my favorite everyday eye palettes is in a SUPER SALE bundle: $81 worth of product for only $45!!!
  7. When you should listen to self-doubt and when you shouldn’t
  8. How sweet is this anniversary photo tradition?!
  9. Still in stock: THE WUBBY on sale under $46!!!!
  10. LOL: A TikTok man singing to his very dissatisfied cat
  11. Boozy bellini peach popsicles…sign a sista up.
  12. NEW PRODUCT: A brightening, hydrating face mist that protects against blue light! (Code COMINGUPROSES for 15% off)
  13. Wanna know why you feel awful? Your surge capacity is depleted. (Fascinating + true).
  14. 5 tips to transform your confidence levels completely
  15. Spanx leather leggings are fully stocked + price matched on sale in petite, regular AND tall sizing!

Happy weekend reading!