What up, weekend?? This is one of last “slower” weekends for a hot sec, so we’re going to save every second. J + I have our annual appointments at the eye doc, and then we’ve got a family date at the orchard for some true fall frolicking. Can’t wait. 🙂 Hope you’ve got some hot plans + hot toddies, hot chocolates, hot ciders, or other hot n’ yummy treats on the agenda! Enjoy this Weekend Reading…

WEEKEND READING, Vol. 92 - on Coming Up Roses

  1. 30 pictures that prove the world isn’t so bad after all
  2. Loved my friend Kallie’s thoughts on what to do different with baby #2
  3. GREAT sale on 3 overnight skincare must-haves (with my fave drugstore retinol!)
  4. If Disney Princesses went to psychotherapy… (LOL)
  5. Some favorite fall diffuser blends to try if you’re into essential oils
  6. is STUNNING if you’re going to a fall wedding!!!!
  7. Ever wonder what would happen if humans tried landing on Jupiter?
  8. 30 FOOD Halloween costumes
  9. How cute is Katy’s ?? Lovelovelove supporting fellow boss babes! (Save $$$ with code ERICA15)
  10. Here’s what you should NEVER do with your Magic Eraser
  11. How to get back into running after a long break
  12. If you lovelovelove the Louis Vuitton look for less – is $54 instead of $2,000!!!!!
  13. Jelly Belly’s founder is the next Willy Wonka. The golden ticket search is on…!!!
  14. Thoughts on new life in the midst of a pandemic
  15. Kick your fall porch game up a notch with a layered buffalo plaid doormat! Here’s mine!

Happy weekend reading!