What I Bought on Amazon Last Month

By now we all know I’m addicted to Amazon. I mean, aren’t we all? But what I’m even more hooked on is seeing what OTHER folks are Amazon-ing. I wanna see the mom-friendly swimsuit you’re snagging for summer and the new bins for your pantry! I wanna know what clean lotion you’re loving and what snack you’re re-stocking! Five stars or forget about it, bestseller or bust – we’re here for it. And I’m here with last month’s orders – some stellar re-purchases and fast favorites ahead. (Here were 2024’s first orders – wink!)


Kindle Paperwhite – As much as I lovelovelove my Kindle – this wasn’t for me! It was for one of YOU (shoutout Athena who won our lil’ Galentine’s Gifting). Hope you’re as obsessed with yours as I am with mine!

Designer-inspired bag – This Bottega bag is so stunning…but it’s over four grand. This Amazon alternative is not even $100 – 98% less money for 100% the look! It’s made so well – the braiding is so beautiful. I’m a fan of a good magnetic closure, and there are multiple classic color options to choose from. (I have the cream, but Athena chose the black as part of her prize package – YAY for her!)

Bottega bag look for less - Amazon alternative under $100! 

Incohearant Family – Incohearant is SUCH a fun game. I first played the OG version at a party with some girlfriends and we could not stop laughing – it’s hilarious. I grabbed the family-friendly edition for home and then grabbed another for a bestie’s birthday!

Cargo trousers – I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first…but I’m here for the cargo trend. Granted, they have to be done ~right~…not too clunky or bulky. These feel sleek + chic on the flowy satin trouser, and they dress up with heels or down with sneakers…surprisingly versatile! 

Tart dried cherries – Onto our 8th bag! I cannot recommend these enough. They are the yummiest – a perfect blend of sweet and tart, enough to satisfy a sweet craving with no added sugar (bless up). SO much better tasting than raisins or craisins! Our entire family eats them straight outta the bag, but they’re also great tossed in a trail mix, Greek yogurt, or even in brownie batter!

Tart Dried Cherries

Woven tote – Another designer-inspired gem – and surprisingly soft! I’m not 100% sure I’ll keep it just because it’s not the MOST practical for this stage of my life…but I also think it’s just SO chic so might try to make it work? IDK, what do you think??

Have a Nice Day Trucker Hat – I got this specifically to wear with this. SUCH a vibe. Just a funky find for spring. 🙂

Designer-inspired sunglasses – As seen in Cool Sh*t. 😎 They look juuuuust like these $550 sunnies, but for not even $20! Made so well, looks so chic, and currently sitting at #1 bestselling women’s sunglasses on Amazon. Bless.

HydroJug cup – I needed another cup like I need a whole in the head, but here we are. 😉 Word on the street is the straw on these pops down so that you can toss it in a bag without leaking (which would be my SOLE knock on the SM – the straw obviously doesn’t “close” so you can’t put it IN a bag if needed). TBD on how it holds cold comparatively to our favorite Simple Modern tumbler slash quencher!

Free People-inspired babydoll top – I may or may not be collecting Free People-inspired finds for a little look-for-less project…. 😉 TBD on its quality because it’s still in transit!

5 Pack of Bodysuits – I bought these because I saw a creator recommend them…I have thoughts. They’re “full coverage” but not actually FULL coverage in away that stays put all day. Not terribly bothersome, but noticeable to someone like me who prefers actual full coverage bodysuit booties. That being said, I think they move a bit because the fabric of these things is SO soft…very lightweight and stretchy rayon/spandex blend, which is one of my personal favorite fabric combinations. 😉 The pack is on sale right now where it comes down to about 8 bucks a bodysuit, which is a STEAL for them, so I’d say go for it!

Pleated skort – This season is skort season. Mark my words. It’s a pleat party in the back but a smooth, straight look in the front – pretty fun and flattering!

Wore one of the bodysuits with the skort this week…it’s unintentionally giving A League of Their Own, but I still like the vibe LOL.

Smoothie melts – A bougie baby snack for a bougie baby foodie. They’re a completely clean, organic label with organic mango, carrot, coconut, and lemon juice added, and they melt in baby’s mouth. Jonah man goes so hard on them…but honestly, I think they taste good, too. Ha!

Munchkin fresh food feeder – These are the most brilliant baby invention! Perfect for popping in chunks of fresh fruit for baby to suck and gnaw on before they’re ready/able to actually eat it; I swear they helped us transition Jonah to solids faster. Once he had tastes with these, he’d suck the fruit dry and want to just eat the real deal – and he was able to no problem!

Overnight oats jars – These little glass jars are wildly convenient; I love that they’re glass, first and foremost, with a plastic turn lid, but I especially love the added spoon slotted on the side. Easy for breakfast on the go and just really great for layering overnight oats, chia puddings, etc etc.


What’s in your cart now? NO CHEATING! Tell me below!

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