The Guide to Shower Season: What to Wear to Bridal Showers & Baby Showers

Hello from on the road! And happy Tuesday. 🙂 ICYMI, J + I have been on a bit of a long weekend for a couples getaway at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort & Spa out in western PA, and it’s been *glorious*. (Have ya caught some of our adventures on my Instastories?? Hopefully you saw the capuchin monkey we befriended, or the amazing spa!). More on that to come, since I really am *so* impressed and can’t not share it with you guys. Stay tuned. MEANWHILE, mid-May feels smackdab in the middle of shower season – bridal showers and baby showers galore are on everyone and their mom’s calendars this month into summer! I know I’ve got one of my best friend’s bridal showers coming up in a few weeks, and brides + babies are on the brain.

In planning my own shower season outfits and scouring Pinterest for inspiration for what to wear to a bridal shower, I’ve noticed a few trends that are good…and some not-so-good faux pas that should (*cough* need) to end, for everyone’s sake. You’ve gotta plan knowing the potential audience + potential schedule of events; there could be everyone from toddlers to 80-year-old grandmas in attendance, and everything from active games to lots of hugging. Ain’t nobody got time for high maintenance, or a dress that’ll have folks covering their eyes. SO, let’s chat some DON’T and DO’s of what to wear to a bridal shower (and/or baby shower) this shower season.

What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts

What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts

What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts

What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts

What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts

What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts

What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts

What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts

What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts

What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts

What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts

Pink ruffle dress (c/o – This dress also comes in a beautiful white – perfect for a BRIDE to wear to her shower – and black for a more formal and/or somber occasion) // Turquoise earrings (from Burlington – similar here from Kendra Scott and here from Baublebar!) // Valentino Rockstud sandal lookalikes (These are FABULOUS lookalikes for HUNDREDS of dollars less than the real deal!!!! They’re only under $65 with free shipping…the actual Valentino’s are over $1,000. Seriously.) // Gucci disco bag 


Before hopping into Don’t’s + Do’s of what to wear to a bridal shower, just wanted to drop in with my own go-to look for shower season! This dress has been a favorite of mine (remember it? 😉 ) ever since I got it in the mail. The color, the length, the SLEEVES – Lawdy Lawdy. It’s fun + flirty without being revealing at all, which is totally key for bridal shower chic! I paired it with bright turquoise earrings to keep it really fun for the season, and a pair of my Valentino rockstud lookalikes justbecause. 😉 These shoes are under $65 with free shipping, when the nearly identical actual Valentino’s are over a thousand bucks. A THOUSAND DOLLARS. Save your moolah, buy these instead.

And the latest addition to my wardrobe: this Gucci bad boy. All part of Hit the goal, get the Gucci. Hollah! 😉

I lovelovelove this look as a whole, especially when it comes to what to wear to a bridal shower, cos it hits all of the below nails on the head. It’s not white, it’s fun and bold without being TOO bold where it would be distracting, it’s cute but classy, it’s movable, it’s totally me. Check, check, aaaaaaaand check.

ALSO sidenote – we shot this at Nemacolin outside of their Chateau and Lodge area (where ironically, J and I had stayed for one of J’s work conferences a few years ago, and it was AWESOME SAUCE). How gorgeous are all of the white columns?! OK moving on.

Now some shower season DON’T’s and DO’s…



  • Don’t wear white.

Hopefully this one’s an obvi one – but it still needs to be said, because it just might be the cardinal rule of shower season. Do not – I repeat, DO NOT! – wear white to a bridal shower. That’s the bride’s job. If you show up wearing white and you’re not the bride, you need to leave and go to the nearest department store to get yo’self a new dress, cos honey, that’s a capital offense.

  • Probably don’t wear black.

Black is a color of mourning! While it does go with everything and does slim ya down, it does not scream I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! It screams sadness. Literally. It’s the color for funerals! Nix the LBD and opt for something lighter + brighter – something that feels happier. Pastels are always a good choice, or a good jewel tone (so, a fuschia pink, cobalt blue, emerald green, royal purple, etc).

  • Go overboard on the bold prints.

If it’s going to distract away from the bride-to-be (or mama-to-be) – no bueno. A bold color can usually pass go, but a bold print can quickly verge into the “too much” category. Stay away from big, bold floral prints, or any distracting checks or stripes that immediately grab the eye. We wanna keep the eyes on the bride!

  • Wear anything revealing.

I don’t care HOW proud you are of all of those squats at the gym – your booty can show at the beach. Not at your bestie’s bridal shower. 😉 Boobs + butts + everything in between should be covered, thankyoukindly. This is all about the BRIDE – keep it that way without drawing unnecessary attention to your body.



  • Go light + bright.

The lighter and brighter, the better! Like we said, pastels and/or jewel tones are winner winner chicken dinners – you just can’t go wrong there. Shower season is supposed to be happy + celebratory, so have fun with your fashion and let your look say that, too. Now’s your chance to pull out your favorite pastel pinks + purples and gorgeous blues + greens!

  • Modest is more.

Grandma is in the building! Now is not the time to break out the crop tops or to let the girls hang out. People’s grandmas will be here, yo! What to wear to a bridal shower is like what to wear to Easter Sunday part 2. You wanna look pretty + feminine without looking too trendy or trashy. Skip the skimpy! If it’s at all club-worthy, keep it for the club. Just watch your necklines + hemlines, really! Make sure your boobs aren’t showing, and that you can comfortably move around, sit, + stand without worrying about your hoohah hangin’ out. Modest is more in shower season! A good ruffled midi dress will go a lot farther than the shortest, tightest skirt in your closet today. And that’s A-OK!

  • Reach for florals, ruffles, etc.

Even though you’re dressing more modestly than you otherwise might, don’t shy away from fun little prints (nothing too cray cray) + details that feel very “you.” Hence my hot pink ruffles. 😉

  • Buy a gift from her registry.

Not a style do, clearly, but a good do nonetheless! It might feel like the boring or obvious choice – which I KNOW can be the bummer option for gals into gifting (*raises hand*). BUT. The registry exists for a reason! It’s a lot easier (+ less awkward) to get her the Pyrex set she asked for – heck, she picked it out herself, so you KNOW it’s her taste! – then guess on a random houseware that may or may not match the rest of the Pinterest vision she’s already planned out. My personal favorite trick: Buy her something smaller from the registry, and pair it with your own personal touch gift. That way, you’re ensuring you’ve crossed something off of her list while still getting sentimental with something meaningful.


Keep in mind…

  • Venue location

Is it a fancier brunch at a nice hotel or restaurant, or more lowkey at the bride’s parents’ house? Inside or outside? How dressed up you go (as well as things like heels versus flats) will totally depend on this factor here!).

  • The bride’s personal style/taste

Chances are, you’ll have *somewhat* of an idea of the vibe of the day based on the invitation and any other details you were given beforehand. But knowing the bride, you’ll probably be able to make good educated guesses about how formal/informal to be!

What to wear to a Bridal Shower : Shower Season DO's and DON'Ts

And a few options that fit the above bills in case you’re in need of a dress anytime soon… 😉

What’s your plan for what to wear to a bridal shower this season?

Do you have any coming up? Bridal showers are just SO stinkin’ exciting + happy + fun!!! I’m a fan. 🙂

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