Winter Hair Care + Styling Tips


It might be 66 and sunny in Philadelphia, but I swear winter is coming.

Winter is coming, right?

The Starbucks Holiday collection and my pending blanket scarf shipments say chillier times are near and almost here, so I’m banking on that and transitioning my life to cold mode. You guys loveloveloved when I shared my healthy hair tips for fall a few months back, so I’m following up with a few tricks to keep your hair healthy, strong, shiny and frizz-free all winter. Winter hair, see ya l8r!

Winter hair care and styling tips - Coming Up Roses

  • Limit your washing as much as possible. Gross, I know. But actually not, because there’s this amazing thing called dry shampoo that I swear is God’s gift to lazy girls and bossladies alike. (We’re interchangeable, you know?).
  • But when you do shampoo…nix the hot water. Too long in a hothothot shower strips moisture from your hair. Lukewarm helps preserve color, but think – the cooler the better for your locks! If you can tolerate at least rinsing your conditioner off with cool-cold water, do it, because it closes your hair follicles preventing frizz and flyaways and keeping your hair shaft smooth and shiny.
  • And also – use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. If you’re using a clarifying product, try a gentle clarifying shampoo.
  • Before even hopping in the shower, give your scalp a little TLC, massaging it lightly with coconut oil or another Vitamin E-infused oil. If your scalp is dry and natural oils are being stripped too quickly, your hair make become a hub for static. If your scalp is feeling drier or itchy and you suspect it might be a bit of dandruff, try a tea tree oil or this fabulous tea tree shampoo-conditioning system.
  • If you’ve got some product build-up from your more sustained time between washes, rinse your locks with apple cider vinegar before your normal shampoo.
  • Treat yo’self to a weekly hair mask or deep conditioning treatment. (I like this one and this one!)
  • Use the right brush. My latest brush fix has been the Goody Clean Radiance Brush from Walmart. Not all hairbrushes are created equal! The Clean Radiance has copper bristles, which reduce that natural buildup that can accumulate on your head over time. A Goody study found copper bristles to give hair a healthier shine, so your hair is left smoother, shinier, and all around more radiant.
  • Winter hair care + styling tips with the Goody Clean Radiance hairbrush on Coming Up Roses!Winter hair care + styling tips with the Goody Clean Radiance hairbrush on Coming Up Roses!
  • Get a trim! Regular trims get rid of those split ends and keep things healthy and strong, preventing further breakage. #necessary
  • Wrap up with a silk scarf underneath a beanie or other wool hat to prevent frizz!Winter hair care + styling tips with the Goody Clean Radiance hairbrush on Coming Up Roses!
  • When you do have frizz, use a good anti-frizz or anti-flyaway serum or spray. Apply on the body of your hair to avoid greasy roots!
  • Argan oil is another go-to for the cold and is pretty much a do-it-all sorta product! Just make sure it’s not too heavy for your hair, otherwise you’ll be left looking dirty and in need of a wash instead of shiny and healthy.
  • Make sure your diet has monounsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids in it to promote healthy hair. If you’re like me and think fish are friends (say it with me: not food!), stock up on nuts, drizzle olive oil on anything, and keep nomming on that guacamole to get your nutritional fill.
  • Besides Omega-3s, Vitamin C can help your body produce more collagen, which is said to help boost your circulation – which may make your hair grow longer. Whoa now, bring on the luscious long locks. Vitamin-C rich goodies like citrus fruits and those dark leafy greens (Kale, yeah!) do this job well.

And now, a fun, surprisingly simple hairstyle that you – yes, you – can try this winter. Up and outta the way means less torment from the wind or weather, so it’s an easy way to keep your hair looking amazing all season long! (Hint: It’s PINNABLE!)

Easy winter up-do hairstyle - Coming Up Roses

  1. Brush your hair out (I use my Clean Radiance brush!) and gather a piece from each side of your head.
  2. Pull those two pieces back to meet at the back of your head, near the top. Tie them together with a hair tie. but don’t pull the hair tie too taut to your head!
  3. Use your fingers to pull apart the hair right above the hair tie and make a little hole. Take the ponytail that you formed and loop it around to come through that little hole, literally pulling the hair to loop around itself. It’s like flipping the ponytail inwards!
  4. Take another hair tie and make another ponytail just like the first, this time pulling in everything to be right beneath the first ponytail.
  5. Form another space (it should be between the first hair tie and this new second one!), and flip and pull the second ponytail through in the same way you did the first.
  6. Repeat this whole process one more time with the rest of your hair.
  7. Pull that final loop and secure the whole shebang of hair leftover into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck.

Winter hair care + styling tips with the Goody Clean Radiance hairbrush on Coming Up Roses!

You’re left with a loopy, swirly up-do that’s a fun alternative to a traditional twist or braid.

What’re your favorite ways to pamper your hair in winter?

If you have fave products to keep everything all moisturized and healthy and strong, let me know in a comment below! This girl’s locks are going to need extra love this season, so hit me up with your own tried n’ true goodies and have an amazing week!


*Thank you to Goody for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions and thoughts are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Coming Up Roses!

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