“I am worth more than my self-doubts.”

When Monday hits ya like a sack o’ bricks, it can easily feel like the bricks are made of everything but sunshine and rainbows. When the entire week is looming in front of your face (or heck, just the whole day sometimes!), it looks + feels like a jam-packed schedule of busy. But, there’s somehow still room for self-doubt.

There’s always room for self-doubt.

And why the heck is that?

Half the time I don’t even “have time” to finish my cup of coffee in one sitting, but I can *always* make room for self-deprecating, self-defeating self-doubt.

And why the heck is that?!?!?!

We can be so good at loving on other people, but sometimes we are so damn bad at loving on ourselves. We let self-doubt infiltrate our minds and make us question our own every move, always feeling un-enough and never relishing in satisfaction at our own hard work or earned effect. It’s as if somehow our self-doubts become worth more than ourselves, period. Enter, today’s Monday Mantra.

"I am worth more than my self-doubts. " - Monday Mantra for instant inspiration, on Coming Up Roses

Say it with me.

It’s so easy to doubt ourselves. It’s so easy to let our minds run wild with thoughts of “you’ll never make it,” “you can’t do it,” “she can, but not you.” It’s so easy to fall into the cyclical trap, poisoning our own minds with our own thoughts unleashed.

We doubt that we will be the exception to the rule.

We doubt that we’re worthy of our own power. That we’re worthy of the own greatness and potential within us. That we’re worthy of bringing it into the sunshine for all to see.

We doubt that we have “what it takes to make it.” What the heck does “making it” mean, anyways?

We doubt that we’re talented enough or pretty enough or smart enough or whatever enough.

It’s so so so so SO damaging, and there are not enough band-aids or therapists in the world to un-do the damage we inflict upon ourselves when we refuse to rise above self-doubt and power forward in our own greatness.

But dammit, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

I shall say it again.


When will you *finally* believe that?

You are worth more than your self-doubts.

SO MUCH MORE. You are worth more than your doubts, depression, and fears. You are worth more than your anxiety, excuses, and inner demons. You are simply worth more, point blank period. And it’s high time you believe it.

If you still don’t believe it, read all of these,, memorize these verses, and go take a walk around the block before coming back and re-reading this whole mantra shebang start-to-finish all over again. Because you are worth more than your self-doubts.

There are so many people in your life that you refuse to give up on – that you would refuse to quit with, regardless of what hardships or struggles come to pass. You have it in your head that these people are worth it, and that you will go the distance to ensure that you have the best possible relationship amidst all of the human imperfections that naturally exist. Why don’t you give yourself that same grace? Why do you refuse to give up on the best people in your life, but you’re quick to quit when it comes to your “too big” dreams or deepest desires? You’re willing to make sacrifices for the people you love…why don’t you make more sacrifices to manifest your own goals?

We immediately doubt that we have what it takes.

We immediately doubt that we’re worth it.

We immediately doubt that it will “pay off” somehow, and we fear being selfish and having our own inadequacies and shortcomings come slamming back in our faces. Like, “HA, told ya you weren’t good enough! Told ya you couldn’t do it! Told ya he/she is better than you! Told ya you won’t get there!

Honestly, that’s just the devil talkin’. The devil is getting in your head, you’re filled with fear, and you start to doubt every single ounce of goodness that you KNOW in the pit of your soul you bring to this good green earth.

But you know what?

You are worth more than your self-doubts.

When the doubts start swimming and you begin to think you just don’t have what it takes, I need you to pause.

I need you to pause and breathe and remember this mantra. Look in the mirror and study yourself. Study the lines in your face, and remember all of the hardships you’ve faced and OVERCOME to put any stress lines there. Look in the mirror and see the glimmer in your eyes. This glimmer is the unstoppable force of passion and purpose in your heart, and it is meant to be out there for the whole damn world. Look in the mirror and say to yourself:

I am worth more than my self-doubts.

Then repeat it. 15x. Staring at yourself in the face. And don’t you dare look away. Don’t stop until you truly believe it. Because you are worth it. You really, really are. Stop doubting everything that God has put in your heart. Stop doubting the amazingness that you’ve worked your entire life to create. You are worth it. You are worth more.

And it’s time you stop doubting that and truly believe it.

What self-doubts are you banishing TODAY?

I want to hear in a comment below, and I want to help hold you accountable. Because you’re worth it. Do you believe it?

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