When you’re trying to be blog famous… {+ WIN $40 to Ulta and more!}

…These ladies are already there! This post is to give a big, huge, fatter than fat THANK YOU to some truly incredible superwomen in the blogiverse. Introducing, some chicas who are fabulous on an extremo level. They’ve taken the plunge and sponsored Coming Up Roses in the past two months, and now it’s time to give them some major lovin’. The bragging rights are theirs – so here we go! Laugh with them, learn from them, and love them across the web. I know I do!



Blogger: Allison Leighann


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I’m a 21 year old in love with travel, music festivals, good restaurants, and the written word to share it with everyone else. As a lifestyle blogger, I share everything from my favorite drinks (Walk Me Down + pineapple) to photos of my travels (most recently New Orleans). I’d love to have you follow along! :)”

Why do you blog?: Because I have to write. I have to share. I have to know that other people out there are with me.”

What’s the best/worst/funniest/happiest moment you’ve had as a blogger?: The best is the support I have from all the women I’ve met thus far. Everyone wants me to succeed. Help is always available. No one has ever turned me away because I have tattoos or I’m a Christian or I talk about Harry Potter too much.”

Name 4 things you’ve always wanted to do that you’re going to do this summer: GO BACK TO EDINBURGH. Visit North Carolina. Fly overseas alone. Meet bloggers from another country. :)”

Recommendation for rookie bloggers: Blog about what YOU love. Don’t let other people tell you that you’re doing it “wrong.”


Blogger: Emily Finta


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Need a new blog design? Let Em help!

I’m a graphic designer fresh out of college with a dream of living in New York. My blog is to tell my experiences to making it happen as well as my journey to being a successful designer.”

Why do you blog?: “To meet people from around the world that love the same things as me.”

What’s the best/worst/funniest/happiest moment you’ve had as a blogger?: “I guess it would be when I realized there were other bloggers in Michigan and started planning a meetup/”blate!” I’m super excited to meet all of them soon!

Name 4 things you’ve always wanted to do that you’re going to do this summer: “See a Broadway play in New York, dye my hair, meet some bloggers in real life, wear red lipstick.

Recommendation for rookie bloggers: “Be yourself, make your blog pretty without using a template, it doesn’t have to be a professional design – just make your blog stand out from others.”



Blogger: Ellie Sullivan


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“I am an ‘anonymous’ blogger, my blog name is Ellie. I write about the troubles of online dating. Sometimes there’s laughter, sometimes anger, and sometimes just a rant. Online dating can be an adventure, but it also can be a learned lesson.”

Why do you blog?: I enjoy writing, and sometimes my frustration is relieved by my rants”

What’s the best/worst/funniest/happiest moment you’ve had as a blogger?: “I absolutely love the friendships that are being built by having link-ups and being a member of HCBN.”

Name 4 things you’ve always wanted to do that you’re going to do this summer: “Going to New Orleans next week! Grow my blog to 100 followers. Go back to school for my Masters. Travel more.”

Recommendation for rookie bloggers: “Always write to please yourself, others will join. And join Link-ups!”



Blogger: Sydney Brodie


Follow Sydney on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

My blog, Sydney Luella, is completely an extension of me and my personality. Not only is it my given name, but I try to write completely honestly about what i’m experiening in life at the moment. I also throw in some beauty and fashion tips with lots of sass and sarcasm! 

Why do you blog?: “I started my blog as a creative outlet. I’ve always loved writing and graphic design, but never really had a way to express those passions! Also, I’m a pretty opinonated person, so I love getting to share my voice and chat with readers/other bloggers. I’ve learend and grown as a person so much from blogging, it’s kind of amazing!

What’s the best/worst/funniest/happiest moment you’ve had as a blogger?: The best moment, by far, is getting to meet so many amazing blogger friends! I’ve serioulsy met so many lovely ladies from all aroud the world that I never would have met otherwise!” 

Name 4 things you’ve always wanted to do that you’re going to do this summer: “1. Spend the summer in NYC 2. Meet some blogger friends! 3. Go to a Yankees vs. Redsox game 4. Eat a slice of pizza the size of my head” 

Recommendation for rookie bloggers: “Be passionate, be consistent and don’t compare yourself too much to other bloggers!” 



Blogger: Amanda Gott


Follow Amanda on: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

“I’m Amanda and I’m a 21 year old college student majoring in Marketing and Graphic Design. I created Brunette with a Bow to combine all the things I love – writing, design, and my obsessive shopping tendencies (sorry wallet) Fashion, Beauty, Crafts, and Lifestyle – Brunette with a Bow has it all!”

Why do you blog?: “I always wanted to blog. In fact I had made several private ones when I was in middle school (I also thought I was literally Gossip Girl so that’s embarrassing) I was always way too self conscious to put myself out there, but one day I took the leap and it has changed my life forever. I blog because I love it. I love interacting with people and sharing what I love with the world.

What’s the best/worst/funniest/happiest moment you’ve had as a blogger?: “There are so many happy moments I’ve had since I started blogging! First getting into HCBN I literally jumped up and down when I got the email! As a “baby blog” I have received so many amazing opportunities! I love hearing such sweet words about my blog because every single thing is created by me. I recently reached out to one of my favorite small companies and they told me they had already seen my blog and loved it. It was definitely an amazing feeling.” 

Name 4 things you’ve always wanted to do that you’re going to do this summer: “Go to the Outer Banks, Go On a Road trip, Visit A Lilly Pulitzer Store, Go To A Country Concert.” 

Recommendation for rookie bloggers: “Being a rookie myself my best advice is to go full force into the blogging world! Blogging is about expressing and sharing YOUR voice and YOUR opinion! Other’s may not always agree but that’s okay! Don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of blogs out there – there is a place for you! And don’t think that one day your blog won’t be a huge success! Look at your blogging idols for guidance and reference. Be yourself and never apologize for it! Spread positivity and you will be an amazing success. If this is something you truly want – never stop trying until you get to where you want to be.” 



Blogger: Jordan Holley


Follow Jordan on: Twitter, Instagram

A lifestyle blog of an insatiable 20-something who loves good food, adventure, and a cup of coffee.

Why do you blog?: “It is a creative outlet for me – a safe place to share my stories, thoughts, and ideas.

What’s the best/worst/funniest/happiest moment you’ve had as a blogger?: When I got accepted into HCBN, I was thrilled. It opened up so many doors for me, and has helped me get where I am today.” 

Name 4 things you’ve always wanted to do that you’re going to do this summer: “Help lead a youth group, blog blog blog, make fruit popsicles, and get my home in order. 

Recommendation for rookie bloggers: “Become a part of network!!!” 



Blogger: Madeleine Wilson


Follow Madeleine on: Twitter

A fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blog written by Madeleine Wilson – a junior PR major at Washington State University.

Why do you blog?: “I blog to further develop my writing, photography, social media, and networking skills. My blog is a fun representation of myself – combining professional with personal to give the full picture of who I am.

What’s the best/worst/funniest/happiest moment you’ve had as a blogger?: “The happiest moment was when Charlotte Russe sent me two care packages without asking for anything in return. It meant the world to be recognized that way!” 

Name 4 things you’ve always wanted to do that you’re going to do this summer: “Have an internship at a magazine, grow my hair out long, go to the country music festival Watershed, and really finally step up my blogging game so I can make money. 

Recommendation for rookie bloggers: “Be patient! It takes a very long time and endless hours to get readership on your blog and for brands to notice you. Don’t give up! Foster the community and build relationships with the people who do read your blog right now. That’s how it will grow (: And remember to stay true to YOU! Only write things you would talk about normally. Don’t try to be anything you aren’t.”


So, SO much thanks and lovelovelove goes out to these beautiful blog superstars. I’ve learned so much from them and am constantly inspired by their great diversities and interests. These people are special! Having the support of some strangers turn into friendships is truly remarkable, and it’s never something I ever imagined possible in such a crazily humongous and downright weird digital world. SHOUTOUTS x a million to all of you – you’re A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

You know what else is awesome? Soft hands. But really though.

I’ve mentioned her before here and here, but my friend Ashley (we go way back, circa 2009) is the bomb diggity. She’s chipped in a LOT of MK product for this month’s Sponsors’ giveaway! There’s a Satin Hands set from MaryKay, featuring both fragrance-free AND peach goop, and there’s a bright pink bamboo nail lacquer (I’m still 100% unsure of whether or not bamboo was used in the making of this nail polish. #pandas).

THEN, some of the girls and I have pitched in to bring one lucky reader 40 beauty-full buckaroos to spend at Ulta! And let me tell you, I’ll be negotiating with whoever wins this one, folks. Because I think I’m making the Naked leap, and I’ll need some cold hard cash to make it happen. This Ulta card has power, people! Get to clicking and entering and smiling, because we could always use more smiles.



Thanks to Ashley, your own personal beauty consultant can be on call or a text away 24/7! What more could a girl ask for? I mean, she’ll probably even bring you a glass of wine and show you cute cat pictures while she’s at it. Can we say saint?


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