Affordable Fall Decor Ideas

Starting with the front porch, I mixed a few things from a local farmstand with a few items that can be used each year.

TIP: Layer pieces for height + dimension! I used hay bales to elevate mums and a pumpkin. It allows you to have more front porch fall decor without feeling cluttered.

This console table is one of my favorite things to decorate. It's right in the entryway so everyone is hit with fall when they walk in!

I like to keep the fall centerpiece simple because of how often it gets moved to accommodate daily life. Here I started with a neutral scarf to add texture, and added some pumpkins.

You can also fill a vase with seasonal flowers for a simple, beautiful centerpiece.

Another spot  I love to decorate is the island in our kitchen. I only spent about $15 for the decor on top of the board!

You can also have fun with your mantel! This was a simple display as I tried to figure out what worked best with a toddler in the house.

TIP: Use a wreath in your centerpiece! I used this one from Target and laid it on the table, with a bucket of pumpkins + candle holder.

For affordable decor, I like to go to: Target, Walmart, Marshalls/TJ Maxx, and Amazon! Find details on where I purchased the decorations I used in the blog post.

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