Our Fall Decor Home Tour

HAPPY FALL,  Y’ALL!!! Officially ’tis the season, and your girl is here for it. Really, I’m always here for fall. It’s the best season besides the Christmas season – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 😉 My brain was churning with fall decor ideas before even moving in May, and I was most excited to be decorating for each season in our new house! Since I *just* got our front porch fall decor all situated yesterday, I figured it was perfect timing to share my little autumnal touches here in case you’re now in the spirit and on the hunt for good fall decor ideas that won’t break the bank. I bought most of ours from either TJMaxx, Walmart, Target, Amazon, and/or Marshall’s, with a few random things from the local farmstand where I got the bulk of our front porch fall decor.

Our Front Porch Fall Decor - on Coming Up Roses

So as I said, our stoop was complete as of yesterday – woo! While the hay bales, mums, and pumpkins were all fresh local finds, I’ve got our welcome sign, buffalo plaid layering doormat, + Hey There, Pumpkin doormat linked below.

TIP: Layer pieces for height + dimension! I used hay bales to elevate mums and added a pumpkin up there, too, since we weren’t able to layer on stairs or anything. It allows you to have more front porch fall decor without feeling cluttered, and it nicely utilizes height!

Our Front Porch Fall Decor - on Coming Up Roses Our Front Porch Fall Decor - on Coming Up Roses Our Front Porch Fall Decor - on Coming Up Roses

Favorite fall mugs (15% off with code INSTA15):

Favorite fall doormats:

My FAVORITE spot where my fall decor ideas really exploded was in our front entryway. We’ve had this cute little black console table there for awhile, and I knew I wanted to make a space to really embrace the season! Don’t get me wrong – a pumpkin here or there is always a cute touch. But there’s just something about a little setup like this that makes my fall-lovin’ heart SO happy. 🙂 I had been having a bit TOO much fun shopping for it all, so I figured I’d make this space a little seasonal greeting so that anytime someone walks through the front door, they’re hit with it. Ha! (So of course I’ll change it out for Christmas…EEEEP!). 

Everything that could be linked is linked below, with the exception of my TJMaxx/Marshall’s finds!

Entryway fall decor ideas - on Coming Up Roses Entryway Fall Decor Ideas - on Coming Up Roses

I lovelovelove the “hello fall” sign at the bottom because it’s REVERSIBLE and says “Merry Christmas” on the back! So obvi can’t wait to flip that sucker around – ha!

The pretty orange/red fake flowers were from the dollar store (!!!). And one of my favorite pieces of decor in our whole home is our little family names bookstack, which I 100% recommend as a gift idea for a housewarming or holiday. It’s SO sweet + sentimental – and you can get pet names added, too, with little pawprints next to them!

I like to keep our table centerpieces pretty simple since I feel like they need to be moved around constantly to accommodate a toddler + mealtimes + play times etc – ha! So our fall table scape is easy peasy. I just took a little neutral scarf to add some texture and kindof bunched + twirled it around; I put two pumpkins from my big Amazon pack on either side of the centermost object, whether that’s a vase of seasonal flowers (lovelovelove sunflowers right about now) or a buffalo plaid pumpkin.

Fall table centerpiece ideas - on Coming Up Roses Fall decor ideas - dining room table scape on Coming Up Roses

Also, ICYMI, here’s our full modern farmhouse dining room reveal!

Another simple spot is on our kitchen island. I splurged on this Anthropologie agate cheese board for the new house since a.) I lovelovelove a good cheese board, and b.) I figured even if it wasn’t being used for charcuterie, it makes a hella cute centerpiece!

I put more fake dollar store flowers into one of the cute little vases I got on Amazon in a six pack, then added a tiny buffalo plaid pumpkin from another pumpkin pack and a cute felt pumpkin from Target’s dollar spot. So the board was a splurge, but the elements on top cost MAYBE $15 total? Ha!

Fall decor ideas for a kitchen island

Another fun spot to unleash all the fall decor ideas was our mantle. Since we’ve never had a mantle or fireplace before, this is FUN. It’s still not totally perfect/how I want it because I’m still playing with space (and figuring out what works best on the ground with a toddler running amok – ha!), but figured I’d share regardless. 🙂

Fall decor ideas - fall mantle decor on Coming Up Roses

Fall decor ideas Fall decor ideas fall decor ideas mantle placement

fall wreath centerpiece idea


1.) I saw someone do this on Instagram and I had to try it myself – lovelovelove. Use a wreath in your centerpiece! I used this one from Target and just laid it on the table, with a bucket of pumpkins + candle holder in the middle.

2.) This candle is a soy blend at Marshalls/TJMaxx that smells juuuuuust like my FAVORITE from Bath & Body Works, Leaves. But it’s bigger, cheaper, AND a cleaner burn! Bless up. Keep an eye out on your next TJ’s run!


Which of these fall decor ideas is your favorite? Have you found any good decor pieces for the season?

Happy fall, y’all!