Can I guest post on your website?

Thanks for your interest, but at this time CUR is not accepting guest publications of any sort.

Do you want to join my affiliate program?

No, thank you – CUR is not joining any one-off affiliate programs at this time.

What’s the inspiration behind CUR?

Coming Up Roses blossomed one day during my sophomore year of college at UPenn. I had been writing for a campus fashion magazine, but it wasn’t fulling unleashing my desire to create, and I didn’t feel totally autonomous with it. I wanted to connect with people on my own platform, so CUR was born as a hump-day-only hobby before it grew to what you see now!

Can I send you an email?

Sure thing. Send to erica@cominguprosestheblog.com

What’s your degree in?

I have a Bachelor’s of Science in Economics from Wharton, with a double concentration in Marketing and Management, along with certification in Spanish. Say that seven times fast…

What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting a blog?

Be clear about your WHY from the get go! Blogging isn’t necessarily an easy road by any means, and in such a saturated market, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or lost in a sea of peeps online. But, if you always have that reason for doing what you do – your WHY – in your back pocket (or literally taped on the wall in front of your face by your computer nbd), it keeps you grounded towards your goals. Start by figuring out why you want to start a blog, and what you bring to the table. Identify your schtick, then come talk to me and I can help you take it all to the next level. 😉

What camera do you use?

I just recently upgraded from a Canon EOS Rebel T6i to a Mark 5D IV.

Who takes your photos?

My mom. She’s the best out there, folks. Namely because she puts up with me and then drinks wine with me afterwards. HA. When ma isn’t around, J will step up to the plate!

Why can’t I directly purchase some outfits that you’re wearing?

Because girlfriend, I’m a bargain hunter through and through! Oftentimes, I get my clothes at off-price retailers (think Marshall’s, Burlington, TJ Maxx), or on super sale at other locations. Many times, things are sold out or unavailable when I’m wearing them, because I most definitely do not buy a totally new wardrobe season-to-season. BUT, I do my best to link up similar products whenever possible

Can you review my ____?

I’m honored you want me to check out your product, but I don’t publish product reviews on CUR. If you’re looking for my honest opinion, though, I’d be happy to give it to you in some other way! Just shoot me an email.

Can you explain what the whole c/o thing means and the deal with sponsored posts? I’m not sure if I can trust you as much when I see that something is sponsored.

“c/o” means “courtesy of,” meaning a brand sent me a product free of charge knowing that I would likely feature it on CUR in some way. But here’s the thing with c/o and other sponsored content on CUR. I never (ever) talk about something that I don’t actually use and lovelovelove myself. My professional schpeal is branding, so as a brand strategist I can speak to the importance of authenticity and realness when building a brand. We keep it real around these rosy parts, and lying to you would be a.) rude, b. tacky c.) JUST NOT COOL. If anything, when you see a notation at the bottom of a post that something is “sponsored,” that means I’m being honest with you that it’s sponsored! Top-notch food bloggers and yelp reviewers might get paid to try new restaurants, but does that mean you trust their opinion any less? No, because they’ve seen every restaurant out there and know good food. Same goes for CUR! My mission is to bring you the best of what I love, and I’m not about to jeopardize our relationship and trust with some phony schpeal. Ain’t nobody got time for that. You deserve better!

Why should bloggers be paid any money?

Because blogging is an invaluable, 21st-century marketing tool when used for good. Let’s say a new shoe company reaches out to me and wants me to talk about their shoes on CUR. If I lovelovelove the shoes and think my audience would, too, there is more marketing clout and influence in *me* telling you about how great this new shoe company is, than in the shoe company standing up and saying how great they think they are themselves through a magazine ad or TV commercial. When products or services are being talked about and promoted, that’s marketing. Bloggers have the trust of a specific audience, making them influential. And just as you have to take your own influence seriously as a blogger and only talk about things you wholeheartedly support and believe in, brands have to take your influence seriously, too.

Can I send you a product and have you do a lot of high quality work for me for free, because I don’t have it in my marketing budget to pay bloggers?

Blogging is marketing. See above. (The fine print: no.)