The 4 Best Wireless Bras of All Time

A lot came out of Quarantine 2020, and a lot came off. Namely, underwire bras. Ain’t nobody got tie for underwire. Like seriously, did a man invent it? It’s not comfortable. It’s not enjoyable. There’s not a female soul on planet Earth that jumps for joy at the thought of strapping on underwire for the day. One of my proudest personal discoveries in recent years HAS to be the wireless bra.  I mean, if you’re taking something that no one likes in the first place (lookin’ at you, underwire bras) and making it completely unnecessary in everyday life, it’s a #blessing we can all account to the best wireless bras around.

I have found what, I am sure, are the three BEST wireless bras. 

Since we’re all friends here – I’m normally a 34B. If you’re thinking, “OK Erica, you don’t have big boobs“…you are correct. So while I can’t 100% accurately speak to bra support from firsthand experience of needing to literally lift up the girls, I’m one for #research and CAN throw in two cents from my girlfriends who are #blessed in the bust department.

So after much trial and error, finds AND flops, here are the four best wireless bras I’ve found so far:

The 3 BEST WIRELESS BRAS around - on Coming Up Roses

The 3 BEST WIRELESS BRAS around - on Coming Up Roses

The 3 BEST WIRELESS BRAS around - on Coming Up Roses The 3 BEST WIRELESS BRAS around - on Coming Up Roses

From top to bottom: Aerie, Amazon, Soma

Best Wireless Bra #1:

As seen in Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove! This is also the best wireless bra ever because it is actually supportive for ALL BOOB SIZES, I kid you not. I know, I know – that sounds like a tall order. An impossible feat, even. But NOSIREE – I wear a B cup and my best friend wears DD’s and we both agree that it’s the best wireless bra. With it’s near 5,000 5-star reviews, there are lots of similar sentiments echoed.

It’s a fuller-coverage bra with a buttery-soft, brushed fabric overlay that lays flat + seamless underneath tops. It’s 72% nylon and 28% spandex, so if you’re a fabric junkie like me, you know now how wonderfully pillow soft that is. 

The Enbliss is normally a $50 bra, but DO NOT pay full price. Friend, I’m here to save you a buck or two, and these babies go on sale often. They’re often BOGO 50% off (THEY ARE RIGHT NOW!!!!), so at least wait until you see that to try, and either go halfies with a girlfriend or grab two for you because TRUST, they’ll be your new favorite wireless bra in no time. 😉 AND, it’s free shipping + returns.


Best Wireless Bra #2:

I had to update this post entirely to add this one, and to bump it up to second place at that. Really, it’s a solid tie for numero uno – which says SO MUCH WOW. This wireless bra is simply fantastic. This one feels more Spandex-y than the Soma (which makes sense since it’s 23% elastane), so it doesn’t ride up or shift at all on your body – it almost feels like it’s Spandex on there! A few favorite highlights of this one:

  • It’s convertible. It really easily snaps from straight straps to racerback, making it more versatile.
  • The cups are removable. If you prefer taking them out for washing purposes, ’tis a win!
  • It doesn’t move, like, at all. Again, this is due to the Spandex-like fit – so you literally forget you’re wearing a bra. Like the most comfortable adjustable sports bra on the planet, but with padding + support.

It’s a buttery-soft bra (the fabric reminds me of Lululemon Align material!) that’s totally invisible under your clothes – and even though it’s lightly lined and listed as a “bralette,” it’s not too light where your nips show through, if ya catch my draft. HA. 😉 I absolutely forget I’m wearing a bra, and it’s just lightweight, comfortable and , obviously, wire-free. Do not sleep on this one, ladies – truly one of the BEST wireless bras ever!


Best Wireless Bra #3:

This Amazon find is truly like hug for your boobs. Over 21,000+ 5-star reviews, so this is me preaching to the choir here, people! Also seen in Cool Sh*t I Lovelovelove. 😉

Sizing on this one is a bit less clear, since it’s not “standard” bra sizing. I’m a 34B, and I bought size small. It’s got adjustable straps, and while it’s listed as “no padding,” it definitely does have a bit because it’s not see-through, if ya know what I mean. 😉 But it’s less padding than, say, a push up bra. My recommendation would be to read some reviews from customers since folks included pics and compare sizing notes based on their usual bra size, which should help define which size would be best for you! 

94% nylon, 6% spandex, so another soft, comfy find. It’s also the #2 bestselling everyday bra on Amazon – I’d say for good reason. When I say it feels like a hug for your boobs, that’s no joke.

The 3 BEST WIRELESS BRAS around - on Coming Up Roses The 3 BEST WIRELESS BRAS around - on Coming Up Roses


Best Wireless Bra #4:

I bought this wireless bra on a CUR reader’s recommendation (the CURowd is just the best, pointblankperiod – you guys know what’s up). This one is listed as being “push up” – customer reviews rank it as being true to size, “excellent” in comfort, and “excellent” in support, and it’s got 4.8 overall stars.

I had first tried this wireless bra from Aerie and wasn’t over the moon, because the bottom seam was so strong/thick that it basically felt like underwire…which kinda sorta defeats the point, right? 

But this one is much better, and I like that it has a *little bit* of push-up, too. Sit’s a bit lower cut in the front (compared to the Soma or Amazon), this is my preferred option for a lower cut top!

The 3 BEST WIRELESS BRAS around - on Coming Up Roses The 3 BEST WIRELESS BRAS around - on Coming Up Roses

Have you tried any of these best wireless bras before?

Hope on the bandwagon with me – I can’t wait to hear what you think! And of course, if you’ve found any other wireless bras that float your boat, let me know in a comment below.