“No rain, No flowers.”

If you’ve been searching for the meaning of “no rain, no flowers,” you’re in the right place. You know why I love the idea of roses and so dubbed this rosy lil’ corner of the web? Because the idea of blossoming is a beautiful thing. It’s so good to know that though at times we may feel broken, we are these beautiful beings in this one life, destined for growth.

But growth can be hard.

Growth isn’t always a cakewalk. With growth comes growing pains – the tensions we feel as our bodies and minds evolve into something new, something better. But “better” doesn’t always mean easier. Better can sometimes mean that life sucks a bit before better happens.

Enter, today’s Monday Mantra:

When it rains, it pours amiright? But here's the deal: no rain, no flowers. Point blank period. Your personal rainstorm is an opportunity for growth. See what popular Philadelphia blogger, Coming Up Roses says in this Monday Mantra!

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When it rains, it pours amiright?

For those of us who love a good rain shower (literally), a solid storm is rejuvenating. I couldn’t love more the sound of rain splashing against my window, thunder rolling, and the occasional flash of lightening (a good distance away, of course). To me, it’s soothing and rehydrating to my soul, and I’m either taken to snuggling in bed a little longer, or I’m zapped with energy and use that extra pep to fuel mo’ hustle. I’m sure my other rain-lovahs would agree – ain’t nobody got time for lame rain. If it’s gonna rain, it better rain.

But we don’t necessarily let the metaphor translate over to our own lives, and we’re seriously missing out because of it.

When we experience “rain” on our daily parades, it’s too easy to let that little storm – no matter how short or small – completely throw off our day. Instead of letting it come and go like a mid-afternoon spring shower, we harbor on it in our minds and devote all of our energy into complaining about it, hating it, or wishing it never existed. We’re derailed too easily, and suddenly a little sprinkling is a thunderstorm on our productivity and mood.

There are two people in life: people who lovelovelove rain, and people who *hate* rain.

Those who love rain embrace challenges, struggles, and perceived obstacles as opportunity.

Those who hate rain see hardships, surprises, and unwelcome guests as bubble bursters.

Whichever side o’ the fence you’re currently on, here’s why you should lovelovelove rain:

Flowers don’t grow without rain – point blank period. There’s no getting around the fact that they need good ol’ H2O from the sky to *survive*, let alone thrive. Flowers see rain as opportunity – a life-breathing opportunity at that. They can’t control how little or how much comes; a bigass hurricane would surely rip them right out from where they’re planted. But they can’t change their roots – they can only bloom and grow accordingly. So they don’t stress about the whatifs and the size of the possible impending storm. They just do their thang and blossom.  No rain, no flowers.

Why can’t we be the same way?

I get it, I get it…we have brains and hearts, and flowers don’t. Yadda yadda yadda. You’d think that would clue us in even *sooner* to the uselessness of stress and worry though, right? HA. #humans

When it rains, let it pour into you as means of cleansing and healing.

When the sky of *life* opens up, open yourself up for growth.

When it storms, stay steadfast in your beliefs and in yourself and know that you are worth more than your self-doubts, and you are prepared to perform at a totally new level.

Because without rain, there are no flowers. No rain, no flowers.

When you want to see never-before-seen growth and progress in your life, you’re going to have to get comfortable being uncomfortable and weather whatever unexpected downpours come your way. The weather channel can’t predict everything, and sometimes they’re blatantly wrong. Just because you don’t know every single thing comin’ your way doesn’t mean you can’t live a full, happy, thriving life. In fact, you need to live a full, happy, thriving life *in spite of* whatever hits you close to home. Remind yourself: no rain, no flowers.

That’s they key to living coming up roses. Taking your own personal thorns and whatever other sh*t comes raining down, and turning it into something beautiful.

Can you do that?

NO RAIN, NO FLOWERS - A Mantra inside Caffeinate Your Soul: 52 Monday Mantras

NO RAIN, NO FLOWERS – How will you create flowers this week?

I wanna throw a challenge your way, because you guys are AWESOME, and I just KNOW that you can handle it.

When rainfall hits your life this week, how can you rise above it and create flowers? How can you plan ahead with a personal action plan for growth, regardless of any unexpected obstacles or challenges? You’ve gotta be steadfast and sure, and from there, it’s a cakewalk. 😉

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