“I am prepared to perform.”

Somehow, we never think we’re “ready.”

We never feel truly ready to shine – never feel 100% confident in pulling back the red curtain and stepping into the limelight.

We get sucked into the “trying” mindset because we’re not “ready” to do, not “ready” to perform.

And suddenly, we’re not doing anything at all, let alone performing, because we’re just stuck in this scared mindset, afraid to mess up and feel embarrassed, afraid to flub up and disappoint, afraid to feel like a fraud and lose the love we felt for our performance all along.

Whether your performance is on a literal stage (I just saw my high school’s musical and it brought back SUCH good memories of my own theatre days), in a cubicle, or all around the world, sometimes you’ve just gotta put on your big girl boss pants and come to terms with your own capabilities.

You work hard.

You prepare. Sometimes tirelessly.

You are going to succeed at something, whether that’s the performance itself, or just in learning a way that doesn’t quite work in putting it all together.

You are prepared to perform.

Now look in the mirror and repeat this Mantra 3x with me:

"I am prepared to perform." - Monday Mantra on Coming Up Roses

I am prepared to perform.

You are prepared to perform. You are able, you are ready, you are willing. You are strong, you are enough. You are confident – but if you still need a booster in the confidence category, try these 14 steps towards a more confident you.

How many times have you dilly-dallied around waiting for that “perfect” moment to do XYZ, but you end up realizing you missed the moment all along?

Waiting for an ideal point of readiness is just never gonna happen, because the most perfect performances happen in moments of serendipitous bliss. The stars line up, the moment comes to fruition, and the performance is pulled off without a hitch because you took the risk, got out of your comfort zone, said to heck with fear and just dove in headfirst.

If you’re putting in the effort, you are going to see results – simple as that. If your efforts correspond to the amount of work and talent required to complete any given task, there will be some amount of progress, and in time, you’ll be able to perform at the necessary caliber.

Will you ever feel *ready* to perform at the necessary caliber?

Maybe – maybe not.

That doesn’t matter, though. What matters is coming to terms with the fact that you are prepared to perform, and the rest will take care of itself.

For any high schoolers or collegiettes out there, this Mantra applies to big tests and exams; the anxiety that washes over you when you sit down with all of your knowledge, about to spew it all back on a few sheets of paper, can be daunting. Heck, it can be panic attack-inducing. Sit back, take a breath, and just repeat this Mantra to yourself: I am prepared to perform. You know what you need to know, you worked your booty off, you prepared. Now cue the performance.

“I am prepared to perform.”

This isn’t just a Mantra to encourage confidence, though.

It’s a Mantra to encourage working your tail off to create your best self – to be at the point where you truly believe those words, where you’re not just saying them to convince yourself that they’re true.

You need to actually, truly, really believe that you are prepared to perform in order to shine in your performance.

Whether you’re at work tackling a new project for your boss, at home about to embark on a new journey of motherhood, at school about to complete a massive assignment, in your own office about to launch a new entrepreneurial product, or something else entirely, you can’t run your life on empty self-promises and empty Mantras without some meat on their motivational bones.

Believe that you’re ready.

Believe that you’re capable.

Believe that you’re nothing short of freakin’ fantastic.

Believe that you’re prepared to perform.

So that when the metaphorical curtain rises and it’s time to do yo’ thang, you’re the girl on fire that you always knew you could be.

What are you preparing to perform?

Do you feel prepared to perform? What’s holding you back from feeling “ready” or feeling like the time to perform is now? I want to help you work through your mental roadblocks and push past them with grace and gumption and goodness. Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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