So far, my word of March seems to be “late.” HA. I’m late on publishing February’s favorites (they’re coming! so soon! stay tuned!), I’m late on cleaning my house…late on getting up this #WeekendReading. But as I saw all of this, I’m reminded of something I shared myself on Instagram earlier last week – “You’re not late. You didn’t miss it. It’s your life – not theirs. You’re actually right on time.” Oof. Hi hello, it me. So if you, too, are already finding yourself feeling a bit frantic to do ALL THE THINGS this weekend – let this be your reminder that it’s okay if it’s “behind” schedule. Heck, it’s okay if it doesn’t happen at all. Prioritize peace over productivity – the laundry/dishes/projects/whatever-else-you’re-“to-do”-ing can wait. It really, truly can. 😉

  1. Your Saturday/Sunday seratonin: A Sound of Music reunion moment
  2. This brussel sprout/fennel/olive salad looks *so good*
  3. Heart eyes for Walmart’s spring dress game – these are all under $20!!!!
  4. How to make the very most of a 20-minute workout
  5. 11 daily habits you’re overlooking that are killing your mood
  6. This $35 denim dress looks *identical* to this $148 Free People one!
  7. The new key to health (+ happiness): rediscovering the joy of play (+ figuring out real vs. fake fun)
  8. BLESS: The health benefits of coffee, in depth (+ the downsides – great full picture)
  9. How pretty is ?! (only $20 with code ERICALIGENZA20)
  10. On “rat snacks” (hahaha this is so me)
  11. Are blogs coming back? Man, I sure hope so!!!
  12. 10 Amazon finds I use every single day
  13. Lovelovelove these reader-sourced life productivity hacks
  14. On “dopamine dressing” your home – so, so interesting. Have you heard of it?
  15. Currently in my Amazon cart

Happy weekend reading!