4 Barefoot Dreams Blanket Lookalikes

If you've experienced a Barefoot Dreams blanket, you know why they're so popular!  These blankets are squishy soft and once you've experienced a Barefoot Dreams blanket, you'll know it when you touch it.

At $180 they are a splurge. Are they worth it? YES. However, there are good alternatives.  So let's take a look at them...

SAM'S CLUB My family actually likes these better than Barefoot Dreams. It's a big thicker & only $30!

STYLED COLLECTION This one is more of a splurge than the Sam's Club lookalike but it feels so similar I almost thought it was a Barefoot Dreams blanket! At $120, it's still cheaper!

AMAZON BLANKET Have you seen those "What I Expected vs. What I Got" memes? This feels a little like that. Soft, yes, but noticeably thinner. Is it worth $45? Not so much.

CUPCAKES + CASHMERE FROM TJ MAXX If you get lucky and find this one in-store, it's smaller and thinner, but still very soft and only $20!

HOW THEY WASH I wash all of these on the delicate cycle and tumble dry low. The Barefoot Dreams blankets aren't quite as soft as they were brand new, but that's to be expected after years of daily use. The others in this post have washed well. See the post to find the products I use.

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