Easy Ways to Drink  More Water (From a Former Perpetually Dehydrated Human)

Know the Science. Did you know that your lungs are about 83% water, your brain and heart are 73% water, your muscles and kidneys are 79% water and your skin is about 64% water??

Tack it Onto Another Habit. What’s something that you do every single day without fail? When you do that, drink more water.

Set Alarms. No shame in using alarms. I set alarms for everything from drinking more water to picking up my daughter.

Use a Fun Tumbler Cup. I linked my favorite THRIVING tumbler.

Get a FEW Tumbler Cups. Then leave them strategically throughout your house.

Ice, Ice Baby! Four ice cubes equals about a half a cup of water, so you’ll drink more water in the end by the time your cup is totally dry!

Add Something Fun! Fresh fruit – never fails!

Dilute a Sugary Drink. You’ll be upping your water intake AND likely lessening your sugar intake – win win!

Swap Out One NON-Water Drink With H20.

Think of Transitions as a Time to Fill Up. I try to fill up whenever it's time to transition between tasks.

Reward Thyself. So set a goal for yourself to drink more water, and watch how much more motivated you suddenly feel!

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