Look for Less: Pillow Talk Lipstick

$34 Pillow Talk Lipstick vs. $7 Drugstore Version

Today, I’m sharing one of my FAVORITE looks for less to date: a $7 drugstore alternate for the cult-classic $34 Charlotte Tilbury lipstick shade

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

Pillow Talk is a POPULAR shade. I mean, it feels like every blogger and her mother rocks it on the reg on Instagram. It’s a gorgeous nude shade that looks great on virtually all skin types, and it’s known for being a really buildable, comfortable wear that lasts a long time (important).

$7 Drugstore Version

The drugstore lookalike (exact shade linked!) is the dang CLOSEST thing I’ve ever found EVER across all consideration verticals (look, feel, formula, staying power, etc)…for $27 less. (It’s a bit pinkier than Pillow Talk in swatch, but wears nearly identically ON me, just FYI!)

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