Do you wear SPF every day? I hope that 100% of you said HECK YES – and if not, repent and begin anew today by adding any of my favorite face sunscreens below to your daily regimen.

SUPERGOOP UNSEEN SPF 40 This is the most unique texture/finish of the bunch. Supergoop’s Unseen sunscreen is a bit more jelly-like to touch and leaves a velvety finish – it’s totally weightless, scentless, and invisible with SPF 40.

COLLEEN ROTHSCHILD TRIPLE DEFENSE SPF 40 Her Triple Defense protects against UVA/UVB rays, but also pollution and blue light, again with antioxidants to help fight signs of aging and other damages.

TULA PROTECT + GLOW DAILY SUNSCREEN WITH SPF 30 This one is a bit different from the first two in that it’s SPF 30 instead of 40, but it does also protect against pollution and blue light. Also non-clogging to your pores. This one does smell slightly tropical, and it does give you a bit of a glow upon application.

OLAY REGENERIST WHIP WITH SPF 40 It’s my favorite drugstore option and one of my favorite drugstore skincare products. The formula is super lightweight, not greasy, and still hydrating. It’s fast-absorbing, oil-free, and breathable, and works well as a primer underneath makeup.

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