Prep  Tula Smoothing Primer – It’s a skincare-first treatment primer with lots of good stuff in it to be smoothing, plumping, firming, AND brightening, while being a base to your makeup. DIME Tinted Wonderscreen = It’s a clean, mineral daily SPF that leaves NO white cast; beyond that, their newest iteration has a light tint, making it the perfect product for no-makeup summer days, sitting poolside, or beach days.

Foundation  Tarte Foundcealer - (shade: light-medium neutral) I really, really like the application of this foundation – doesn’t hurt that it’s a pretty dang clean formula with built-in skincare, too.  Ilia Super Serum Skin Tint with SPF -(shade: Ora), because that’s an even lighter formula that’s so, so beautiful for spring/summer when you want that light coverage with sun protection.

Concealer Tarte ShapeTape -(shade: light neutral) for more full coverage!

Brows I  lovelovelove this IT Cosmetics pencil in Universal Taupe.

Liners  Fake Awake on my water line, any liquid black liner or pen on my upper lid.

Eyeshadow This tartelette palette is so good for spring. Reaching for pinkier tones + purples this time of year, too!

Mascara This primer + this tubing mascara = lovelovelove. My favorite $5 mascara is also an easy go-to!

Contour  Tarte’s Amazonian clay waterproof bronzer -  (shade: Park Avenue Princess); currently testing their liquid ShapeTape (shade: warm bronze) so far, I much prefer the ShapeTape bronzer,

Blush  ShapeTape liquid blush has been beautiful for a glowier, dewier blush, especially on days I’m not reaching for additional highlight. But what I’m really loveloveloving is layering it over a powder blush for an even deeper, pinkier pop.

Highlight Physicians Formula butter highlight. Although I will say, I’ve been using highlight LESS lately and just using a more irridescent blush that I bring up a bit higher on my cheekbone.

Setting  Iconic London Prep Set Glow. I loveloveLOVE this stuff – almost out of it, already repurchased. It’s a gorgeous glow that sets for all day wear. But it’s also got antioxidants and vitamins and some caffeine to be hydrating and good-for-you, too!

Lips  The maracuja liner in Rosy Brown, a DIBS liner, or Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk for a classic everyday pinky neutral. Alternatively, I grab a Juicy Lips for a glossier look (I kid you not, I’ve got 14 and counting in my collection – you can’t go wrong).

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