From the start, I knew I wanted to have the OG be involved throughout the day; she’s old enough to understand pretty much everything about what’s happening + what’s coming, so hyping her up as big-sister-to-be was always part of the plan.

Shoutout to my mama, the fabulous Mimi, who did such a sweet job. She had SO MANY GAMES planned, which I 100% recommend for making your shower not a snoozefest. Let’s be real – baby showers aren’t exactly known for being a blast.

She also planned enough prizes so that literally everyone had the chance to win something, which is always a sweet touch to a party.

For centerpieces, Mimi popped a bottle of bubbly in a bucket – easy peasy, and we had the OG draw names for each table for the lucky winner. “Pop it when she pops!” is a cute way to make it baby shower specific! 

We did all balloons ourselves, too – I have our garland arch tape, pump, and our latest arch find all linked in the blog post.

We kept favors “on theme” and really wanted something that was equal parts fun + practical, that everyone could really enjoy. Sprinkle donuts felt like a sure success…they go a long way in our house at least!

I think my TOP tip when it comes to baby boy sprinkle ideas, if you can, is to involve the big sibling as much as possible. It truly made the day THAT much more special having everyone be as excited for Olivia’s promotion as our pending arrival, and she was just so stoked to help out with games, gifts, the works.

Another thing to note – you do NOT need an event planner or a budget line item to still have an adorable, meaningful baby sprinkle or baby shower.

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