This easy watermelon margarita mocktail recipe is fool-proof flavor with zero-proof inside – it tastes identical to your favorite frozen watermelon margarita, without the booze. So regardless of why you’re not drinking alcohol, it’s a fabulous, flavorful option to whip up for a refreshing summer night.

INGREDIENTS: – 2-3 cups watermelon, cubed and frozen – half of a jalapeño, sliced and de-seeded – 3-4 ounces of zero-proof tequila – The juice of a freshly squeezed lime – Coarse sea salt

1. Start by cubing your watermelon and freezing it; this will prevent drink dilution, since your frozen watermelon cubes will act as the fruit AND ice for your frozen beverage. If you cut them small enough, they should be frozen enough after about an hour.

2. Add a few slices of de-seeded, de-pithed jalapeño pepper for heat. 3. Add 3-4 ounces (ie, 3-4 shots) of zero-proof tequila 4. Juice 1-2 limes right into your blender 5. Blend until smooth – you’ll want to make sure all of your watermelon cubes and jalapeño slices are fully blended to prevent a pulpy texture.

Before pouring into your glass, rim your glass with watermelon juice or lime juice. The fruit juice will help your salt or sugar rim stick without making it messy like a honey rim might. Then rim with good flakey sea salt, pour, garnish, and enjoy.

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