6 Things, 3 Ways (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Edition)

It’s here – for ALL! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is in full swing public access. HOLLAH! No more waiting and struggling through post after post of folks’ early access picks being unable to shop. To mix things up in the realm of Nordstrom Anniversary Sale content, I figured it’d be fun to do a spin on a CUR series – 1 Thing, 3 Ways. But instead of just styling 1 thing, I styled 6 different things I bought from the sale, 3 ways each.

Some outfits repeat themselves for multiple things, cos I wanted to show y’all how dang versatile everything is! These six particular pieces are favorites of mine for fall – they really fit the bill for staples-that-should-be-in-every-girl’s-closet. The more I can mix-n’-match something with everything under the sun, the more I can justify spending a little bit more, since I know I’ll be getting crazy awesome bang for my buck.

1.) The Plaid Shirt

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - 6 things, 3 Ways

Every girl’s wardrobe should have a classic plaid button-down for fall/winter layering! I lovelovelove this black-white-grey combo, cos it feels less lumberjack-y and more chic. This one is selling out fast tho, so other cute options include a pretty blue and a gorgeous teal/purple combo that’s way cuter than it sounds. HA. Super soft material, super easy to layer, and not as heavy as flannels, so great for transitioning seasons.

Plaid Cotton Blend Shirt

Price: $31.90 (After sale: $49)

Sizing recommendation: Size down one (I’m in an XS)


2.) The Long-Sleeved Tee

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - 6 things, 3 Ways

Before I find myself starting every one of these with “every girl’s closet needs this,” let’s just get this outta the way – every girl’s closet should have all of these pieces, I think. That’s why I picked ’em! An ultra-soft striped tee is no exception. This one reminds me of the striped tee I wore all last year on repeat, to the point where I got reader notes saying “I finally picked up the tee you couldn’t stop talking about!!!” – ha! It’s super lightweight and squishy soft and has a pocket. #win

ALSO ALSO ALSO can we talk about Purrcy’s face in this middle picture?!?! ICYMI, Purrcy is the 10-week-old (now almost 11 weeks, where does time go omg) rescue kitten that J and I adopted last weekend. He likes to talk a lot (it runs in the family). He was mid-roar here. 😉

Pocket Tee

Price: $18.90 (After sale: $29)

Sizing recommendation: TTS (I’m in a S)


3.) The OTK Boots

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - 6 things, 3 Ways

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is KNOWN for killer boot sales. Aaaaand I couldn’t resist these bad boys. When it comes to over-the-knee boots, I’m picky. If they give me deep sea fisherman vibes, no can do. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a pair of OTK boots that were more thigh-high, were more fitted, but didn’t look like stripper boots. 😉 AND I FOUND ‘EM. These zip in the back at the bottom, which makes putting them on/off so much easier than expected. They don’t slip at all on the top (bless), and they fit over leggings and denim alike (without causing bunching at the bottom…#PetPeeve).

Gabbie Thigh High Boot

Price: $86.90 (After sale: $129.95)

Sizing recommendation: TTS


4.) The Easy Dress

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - 6 things, 3 Ways

Hands down, I could live in easy dresses. If it’s soft and sans waistline, sign me up (especially right about now – hello, heat wave…). This cute t-shirt dress is waaaaaay softer than basic t-shirt material, and it’s got the *cutest* ruffles on the sleeves. Absurdly versatile, and one of those pieces that you can buy now, wear now, AND wear later, literally all year round if ya wanted. Wear by itself now with sandals, wear it with high boots and a cardi in fall, throw on tights and a thicker sweater for winter, then with a lightweight something and flats for spring, then back to by itself for summer – you get the drift. 😉

*UPDATE: It’s sold out. I’m so bummed. BUT, it might restock in the meantime, so stay tuned – they’ll be restocking pieces throughout the rest of the sale, which runs through August 6th!

Ruffled T-Shirt Dress

Price: $31.90

Sizing recommendation: TTS (I’m in a S)


5.) The Moto Leggings

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - 6 things, 3 Ways

I bought these in two colors, cos girlfriend can’t resist a good pair of moto leggings. Any pants that look like real pants and feel like pajama’s is a must in my book! They’re called “leggings,” but TBH, I’d classify them more as “jeggings” cos they’re most DEFINITELY thicker than your average legging, I think. These are basically the quintessential pant of fall. Super wearable, easily worn from day-to-night, and they’re a great (comfier) variation on jeans. Come in the charcoal grey/black-ish color and the olive green that I have, as well as a pretty burgundy.

Seamed Moto Leggings

Price: $25.90 (After sale: $39)

Sizing recommendation: TTS (I’m in a S)


6.) The Long Cardigan

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale - 6 things, 3 Ways

This cardigan sold out in Early Access (as expected), but it’s BACK. I bought it in this grey and also the green, and my mom got it, too – it’s just so good. It’s lightweight, but it’s thick enough to feel so well made + warm. Perfect for AC right now, but DEF perfect for fall.

*UPDATE this is selling out SO FAST, too – so do the same as the t-shirt dress, and add to your wishlist until it’s restocked!

Lightweight Rib Stitch Cardigan

Price: $31.90 (After sale: $49)

Sizing Recommendation: Size down one (I’m in an XS)


With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in general, if you’re on the fence about any investment pieces (or just on the fence about your order total in general…ha!), I think a handy rule of thumb is to truly think about the cost per wear of each piece. If ya lovelovelove it…how often will ya wear it? If it’s something you know you’ll be reaching for time and time again all season long, divide up the approximate number of times you”ll wear it into the cost of the item. Suddenly, that pricier pair of jeans or splurge-worthy boots become less scary, cos you KNOW you’ll get your money’s worth in wear and feel like a supahstah.

Also, especially since stuff sells out so dang fast (and willso more than ever with Public Access in full swing!), I’d recommend buying two of something if you’re unsure on sizing. Nordstrom’s return policy is BALLER (free returns, along with free shipping always), so just buy two and return one! Or buy two, gift one to your bestie who’s the other size?

Also also, use that wishlist feature like it’s yo’ JOB. If something is sold out in the specific size and/or color that you want, add it to your wishlist so that you can keep track of everything to keep tabs on as the sale goes on, and as restocks happen.

The pieces that I’ve gotten so far…



Tie front pullover // Price: $39.90 (After sale: $59)

Vince Camuto peep-toe booties // Price: $99 (After sale: $149.95) – I bought these in French Taupe but they sold out in the meantime and canceled my order. BUT, now they’re coming back – so I re-bought! They’re that good.

Black Paige jeans // Price $131.90 (After sale: $199)

Vince Camuto OTK boot // Price: $159.90 (After sale $239.95) – I bought these too (wearing ’em above, in Foxy!), but will be exchanging for a half size bigger. So, go up a half-size!)

Long-sleeve striped tee // Price $18.90 (After sale: $29) – The one I’m wearing above! Restocking continuously.

Suede Moto Jacket // Price $125.90 (After sale: $188)

Halogen Slide Loafers // Price $59.90 (After sale: $89.95)


Are you shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Public Access now???

What’s in your shopping cart? What’s on your wishlist? What are the must-have pieces you’ve found + flipped over? Let me know in a comment below – I’d lovelovelove to hear!

P.S. You can still win $1,000 to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale right here!

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P.P.P.. I’ve got a huge roundup below with more of my favorite picks…happy shopping. #TreatYoSelf


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