Heyyyo and happy HUMP! I’ve been enjoying sharing some “haul” try-on posts with you since it’s fun to try out a few pieces all from the same place, and since y’all have been enjoying them, too. Lately I’ve been loveloveloving basically everything from Abercrombie & Fitch. Which is funny, because growing up, I didn’t own a single thing from Abercrombie.

Namely, because I couldn’t afford it.

But also because the brand had a totally different vibe then – it felt a little too much like the too-cool-for-school clique that I would never be accepted into, and there were a lot of mooses. HA.

Now, things have changed. Abercrombie is riding high on cozy, casual separates and great staples for everyday wear, which I’m ALL ABOUT – because between working from home and being a mama, ain’t nobody got time for anything NOT cozy or easy for any and everyday.

Since my latest Abercrombie order was such a winner winner chicken dinner, I figured why not share the loot with you in case you’re looking  or any of these kinds of pieces, too! There are about 10 pieces I bought/am sharing, so without further adieu…

ABERCROMBIE HAUL + TRY-ON - on Coming Up Roses

OH OH AND Abercrombie typically has reaaaally good sales happening, too. When I placed this big order, I think the original total was something like $375 – and I paid about $150 on everything. INSANITY. They always do free shipping over $75, and right now they’re doing a 3 for $99 or 2 for $88 deal where you can mix + match pieces for that respective price, which is FABULOUS. Beyond that, the parka I’m sharing at the end is on sale for over half off and other pieces are on clearance, so it’s high time to TREAT YO’SELF. 😉

ABERCROMBIE HAUL + TRY-ON - on Coming Up Roses

I’ve always been a more casual gal for everyday, but especially lately (+ especially since becoming a mom), I’m DEFINITELY on the comfy + casual train. This sortof outfit has basically become my uniform: comfy sweatshirt or sweater, comfy denim, comfy kicks. Rinse and repeat.

These Abercrombie jeans really piqued my interest online; they’re called “Curve Love” and were reportedly roomier around the hips/thighs, hugging all of your curves comfortably + in a flattering way without any gaping at the waist or above your booty (bless up). I lovelovelove – they’re reaaaaaaally comfy, a great dark wash, highwaisted, plus Abercrombie’s jeans are always size-customizable in short, regular, or long lengths for your personal best fit.

This mockneck sweatshirt with puff sleeves is fun as a way to still be in sweats but feel a bit more put together. Comes in a colors, and just a really easy piece for everyday!

ABERCROMBIE HAUL + TRY-ON - on Coming Up Roses

I picked up two bodysuits because bodysuits are life. HA. But really – they’ve always been a favorite of mine since they’re just SO flattering and can make a look instantly more polished, grown up, and/or chic. I’m more impressed with Abercrombie’s than I’ve been in any “basic” top period for quite some time because of how high quality it feels. The cotton is pretty thick, but there’s also a material called Elastane in it to add some stretch, which is great. On clearance right now – total steal!!! I have two!

This open-knit cardigan is the best chunky, cozy knit. I KNOW I KNOW, isn’t spring right around the corner??? 😉 But for all of those transitional days, especially here in PA, we’ll be rocking cardigans through April. This one is the prettiest grey but comes in other neutrals, too, and is also a clearance find right now!

These jeans are another A&F find, but I’ll talk about them in a hot sec…

ABERCROMBIE HAUL + TRY-ON - on Coming Up Roses

Again with the bodysuit – it’s a gem. So versatile!

This knit midi skirt was a cool sale find. I liked it with the idea to style it casually, literally with sneakers, a t-shirt rolled up, and a baseball hat. It’s the comfiest stretchy knit while still being ultra flattering around your curves, so it was a winning find! It’s also neat because you can rotate the slits on either side to be whatever positioning you prefer (on the side versus on the front of your thigh, etc).

ABERCROMBIE HAUL + TRY-ON - on Coming Up Roses

In my recent closet clean-out session, I realized that I have approximately 42 t-shirts or variations of a tee and, like, 3 tops that felt more “grown up.” I added this gem to cart in the hopes of it being more date-night-worthy, and it hit the mark. I lovelovelove the slight flaring at the sleeves and on the bottom, too! FYI I did size down to an XS in it just so that it wouldn’t be too big on my boobs – ha!

Then these jeans. THESE JEANS! WOW am I glad I got ’em. They’re probably the least-distressed distressed jeans in my closet with how tight-knit the rips are, but I’m so into it. They feel more polished while still being edgy and go with so much, dressed up or down. AND THEY’RE HALF OFF RIGHT NOW!!!!! Seriously, run. They come in other washes if you don’t want black, but the fit is just so fabulous.

Two things from my Abercrombie haul that I didn’t get to shoot but still wanted to share – my sherpa parka from this season, and this cami slip dress! This coat was a CLUTCH Black Friday buy; I always admired the look of them, but had never pulled the trigger since they’re normally $200+ and I had a winter coat. BUT, they were half off on Black Friday, so I pulled the trigger, and it’s so warm without the bulk while still looking chic, so it’s a total winner winner chicken dinner. Now they’re on clearance for even less than I paid – from $200 down to 60 bucks!!!! If it’s still cold by you (hello, it me), grab one. And even if it’s not, grab one anywhere to have for next year since they’re always restocked but never this affordable!!! They come in quite a few colors, too, so you can go classic or opt for a pop of something fun.

This cami slip dress was another clutch find. It’s SO chic + sexy, so I knew it would be a perfect piece for a nicer night out with J. It has a tie right above the waist for a flattering finish, and the slit at the leg is so good! It’s one of those pieces that feels sexier without being in-your-face at all, which I love. It’s also part of the mix + match deal happening, so that’s a GREAT deal on it!

Have you shopped at Abercrombie lately?

Of course, this isn’t sponsored by Abercrombie or anything (I wish – and of course I let you know if/when something is sponsored!), I just wanted to share the lovelovelove since I’ve been SO impressed with what I picked up + have had everything on repeat!

Let me know if you end up trying any of the pieces yourself, too!

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