My 3 Favorite Louis Vuitton Bags as a Mom

My bag collection has been edited significantly and strategically since becoming a mom. Obviously, a diaper bag is the first major change, but after newborn days are done, you’ve got much more flexibility in finding a bag that supports your own needs and that of a busy toddler. If you’re in the market for a smart splurge, I highly recommend Louis Vuitton as the most versatile, functional designer bag for motherhood. The coated canvas is easy to wipe clean, they close in way that’s both secure while still being easy to open one-handed, and the straps are beyond durable – so much so that Liv used to drag my Neverfull around on the floor as a tiny toddler and it never showed a single sign of it! Figured I’d pop in to share my three personal favorites and the best Louis Vuitton bags for moms for anyone looking to treat yo’self (or send a hint for a special occasion *cough Mother’s Day cough* 😉 ).

Each of my favorites check all of my boxes: classic, timeless, versatile, and easy to manage/navigate/actually USE. I don’t care how “pretty” or chic a bag is if I can’t practically USE it in everyday life. If I’m going to invest that much money into something that isn’t a mortgage payment, I want to get bang for my buck with great cost per wear! (Meaning, wear is enough so that my broken down cost per wear is minimal, to really get your money’s worth from the purchase!).

Also, I feel it’s important to caveat this by saying you DO NOT need designer bags – or designer anything – to be happy or to “make it” in life. Hopefully this is a no brainer, but figured it was worth a reminder. 😉 There was a hot second in my career that I was using designer bags as “milestone markers” for big-to-me achievements – like hit a goal, get a Gucci (just ignore my painfully bad box dye hair in that post…ha!). I no longer set bags to goals – but I definitely think it can be a fun, meaningful motivator if you feel the need to “justify” a more expensive bag.

But, if you just want the look for less, I’ve got that for ya, too. 😉

Without further adieu…the best Louis Vuitton bags for moms –


1.) The Neverfull MM


The Neverfull holds a special place in my heart! It was my first designer bag, and also my first collaboration for one with one of the best shops for pre-owned luxury bags: Keeks. I cannot recommend Keeks enough if you’re hunting for an authentic pre-owned bag; the owner, Kristen, is the sweetest mama herself, and their process is comprehensive and top notch to ensure authenticity and best possible quality.

I went with a Neverfull MM, which is the medium-sized Neverfull, and it’s been the Goldilocks bag for me; not too small, not too big, juuuuuust right. The PM feels TOO small, more like a purse, while the GM feels like a carry-on bag; while I can s till use my MM to carry on, it works as a tote for everyday. It is truly a perfect bag, whether you’re using it as a diaper bag, work tote, carry on or everyday purse.

This bag organizer from Amazon is FABULOUS inside of it to keep things more organized if a catch-all style tote isn’t your favorite; the organizer can be popped in and out and switched between bags in seconds, too, meaning you can switch bags on the fly.

For mamas in the newborn phase, this is the most realistic option as a super chic “diaper bag” if you add this organizer inside. I still personally prefer more outer pockets for easy access of essentials, but I’ve seen many a mom rock it with babies and it does just fine (so long as it’s organized and not a big dump all – that’s a major key!). 


2.) The Monogram Bumbag


The bumbag is one of the most popular LV styles in recent years, and for good reason – it’s trendy, but also SO DANG FUNCTIONAL. It’s surprisingly roomy; I can fit ALL of the essentials – keys, cards, lippies, gum, snacks, wipes, a little on-the-go activity for Liv, the works. The top zip closure is hidden for added security, but still easily openable with one hand. And, of course, it lets you be totally hands free with no swinging baggage by your sides (literally), when you wear it across the front of your chest.

This was J’s Christmas present to me this past year after I found one on Mercari at the lowest price I’d EVER seen for one (under $2,000) – so I definitely recommend keeping watch on authentic resale sites, especially since Louis Vuitton has been officially sold out directly for AWHILE.


3.) The Pochette Metis

My 3 Favorite Louis Vuitton Bags as a Mom - LOUIS VUITTON POCHETTE METIS My 3 Favorite Louis Vuitton Bags as a Mom - LOUIS VUITTON POCHETTE METIS

Fun fact: I bought this bag on accident. A happy accident, no doubt, but an accident nonetheless – ha! *Face palm* I was on an auction-style site and didn’t realize that little tidbit, so I randomly put a number in the bid section in seeing how the website worked and turned out, my bid was accepted and I apparently bought the bag. WHOOPS. Clearly I was reaaaally gunning for it to be in my closet! 

Granted, this was a dreamy purchase for me – it’s a fabulous, classic crossbody with an adjustable strap, ultra-secure lock meant to deter potential pickpocketers (although easy to open for you! 😉 ), with a cross section inside dividing the bag for organizational purposes.

Another goodie for the essentials – I typically “organize” it by using one side of the divider for my stuff, one for Liv’s, that way everything is easily findable. I think of this one, too, as one of the best Louis Vuitton bags for moms for exactly the reason of being able to separate yours and your kiddo’s stuff It fits a diaper, so before she was potty trained, this was a great one for quick errands out with two diapers and a small wipes back inside!

Shop the Look for Less options

Which Louis Vuitton bag is your favorite?

Do you have any of these, or have any on your wishlist? If you’re a fellow mama and prefer a different LV, let me know in the comments – would love to check it out!