SO STOKED to share the close sale scoop today, friends! It’s been a long time a-comin’, namely because I’ve been purging and pruning my wardrobe for maybe four years now?? I just have waaaaay too much STUFF. Granted, a large part of that is thanks to my job; I’m so thankful to be able to try out new styles and review so much for CUR, but in all actuality, it’s just far more than any one human being truly needs. Sometimes things end up collecting over time because I admittedly haven’t been the greatest at HARDCORE taking out when new things come in, but we’re all works in progress. 😉 And especially since becoming a mom, my personal style has just evolved significantly over recent years, and I’m being much more practical with what I wear the most to deserve space in the regular rotation. Since my closet in this house is smaller than it was in the last, I also have to be increasingly realistic about what truly brings me joy and all that jazz, versus what someone else could better lovelovelove.

In the spirit of having fun + doing good, I’ll be selling gently used and brand-new-with-tag clothing, shoes, accessories and home decor, with 100% of proceeds going to charity.



The charity we’ll be celebrating is Covenant House of Pennsylvania – a nonprofit doing incredible work to help homeless youth and trafficking survivors be rehabilitated, housed, and helped with unconditional respect and without questions or cost. They have three houses in PA, are the largest provider for homeless youth in Philadelphia, and the *only* provider exclusively helping 21 and under. It’s an awesome organization that I’ll hope you’ll help me support; if you’re not local and/or can’t make the closet sale, please consider making a donation anyway to show some lovelovelove to the cause. 🙂

As for the closet sale itself, it’ll be held at the New Hanover Fire & Rescue Hall on Saturday, April 2nd – doors open at 2 pm, so mark yo’ calendar! But beyond marking the calendar, grab a ticket right here, and you’ll be sent a lil’ friendly reminder before the event in case life happens and calendar wires get crossed.

Your prepaid $10 will be given BACK to you as a shopping voucher when you arrive at the door, which you can spend on anything at the sale, as well as on the Thriving Collection and other fun goodies that we’ll have on hand – we just have ticketing to keep track of headcount for food purposes, since there will be light bites to fuel your shopping. Sale shoppers will also get first dibs at something BRAND SPANKIN’ NEW launching soon, which we are so, so stoked to share with you. 😉

Shopping will be via Venmo or PayPal, and nothing will cost more than $20. We’ve got some tagged $200 dresses, like-new business professional and business casual clothes, bridal options, brands like Nordstrom, Steve Madden, VINCE, Ann Taylor, LOFT, Calvin Klein, and more, so it should be a field day of fun shopping for a good cause.

To my local gals, I hope you’ll join us!!!

Grab a ticket right here!

I cannot wait to see you there. 🙂