GIFT GUIDE: For your Mom

You got it from yo’ Mama…and now you wanna give it back, in the form of the *perfect* gift. I get it. We get it. “We” being my mama and me, who are close as can be. 🙂 So we put our CUR brains together (she works with me on quite a bit behind-the-scenes!) to devise the ultimate Gift Guide for Mom, with gifts for mom that she’ll lovelovelove – whether she’s a 20-something new mama (hollah!), or that 20-something’s mama. 😉

P.S. Speaking of Mom things, thankyousomuch to everyone who has been reaching out about Olivia’s status – I’ll be hopping on Instastories today to share some updates. Your prayers have been felt on so many levels. Thankyou.

GIFT GUIDE: For Your Mom - on Coming Up Roses

Barefoot Dreams cardigan // Sweater leggings (under $20!) // Sneakers


1.) Monograms

Mamas are known for putting their kids before themselves – so a pretty monogrammed gift can work a few ways here! She might want monograms for her kids’ names – or she might lovelovelove having a piece with her own formal monogram, since you’re still your own fabulous person postpartum.

If she’s a big wig in the kitchen, this monogrammed recipe card box is so cute – would look so elegant on a pretty countertop! (Also makes for a great hostess gift!).

This monogrammed ornament is also a great giftable for the mommy playing hostess, whether you get her own monogram, her + hubs, or a new baby’s!

And jewelry…always a win.


2.) Cozy poochies/slipper socks

The cozier the better, for running around the house…or just sitting still, on the couch, with a glass of Cabernet + a good book. #Dreams

These are microwaveable, which is SO GOOD for the mom whose toes are perpetually ice cubes (#me).

These are monogrammable (hollah @ #1!) + on sale for $26.97 with code COCOA.

And these are just the perfect slippers for her, since they’re oh so warm AND stay on yo’ feet, so the mom that’s always running around chasing toddlers doesn’t need to worry about slipping. Also they have real soles, so the mom who accidentally leaves the house with poochies on doesn’t ruin them for the sake of grabbing groceries (#guilty).


3.) Cozy jammies/robes/blankets

Because like I said, THE COZIER THE BETTER.

I pulled a TREAT YO’SELF to some new jammies from Victoria’s Secret (these and these!) that are nursing friendly and pretty – because if I’m going to be up at 3 am with a crying baby, handling milk, spit up, poop, the works…I at least want to feel *sortof* pretty doing it. Ha! 😉

Also in this category – cozy blankets worth wrapping up in at any hour. This one and this one are my two all-time favorites! The former is heavier in weight, and we keep it on our couch for TV snuggling. And the latter is on our bed – it’s thinner, but SO warm. Once you see the brand, you’ll 100% get why. 😉


4.) Barefoot Dreams

Barefoot Dreams is the ultimate gift for any mom, and also any woman. Ever. It’s just THE brand for cozy comfort. So they deserved their own category here. 😉

Mom + I are both wearing this cardigan in this shoot. We lovelovelove.

This wrap is 33% off right now – bless up.

This blanket for the Disney mama? YUP.

And can we talk about how dang COZY this duvet cover + sham set undoubtedly is?!


5.) Candles/diffusers

Because what woman does NOT want her house smelling like total goodness?!


6.) Tula Skincare

I’ve gotten my own mama *hooked* on an upgraded skincare routine over the years – specifically, with Tula. She now has a whole little line of Tula in her cabinet, specifically curated to her own skin’s concerns (being proactive against fine lines, wrinkles, etc, while working on hyperpigmentation from old acne scars – the works).

This lil’ kit is perfect for Mom’s stocking! (+ under $20 with my discount code for ya!)

This anti-aging discovery kit is fabulous to give her a little bit o’ everything in Tula favorites – a full mini system right off the bat.

This is the *best* hydrating day/night cream, and it comes in SUPER SIZE now – perf if Mom has more “mature” skin and needs that extra hydration!

This is my personal all-time favorite face cleanser.

And this is perf for any mama who’s constantly washing her hands…so, all of us. 😉

P.S. My Tula code for all CUR readers is COMINGUPROSES – drop that at checkout for 20% off your entire order + free shipping over $50!!!!


7.) Decor

It can be risky shopping for some significant piece of decor if you haven’t acutally *discussed* a space with your mama to know what she truly envisions – especially since we all have different, specific tastes, and you don’t wanna infringe on her personal space (literally). But smaller accent pieces can be a great way to add something memorable + personal within her own design!

Or, something functional that you know she’ll use + lovelovelove.


8.) Fun beauty sets

Restock her favorites, or gift her something fun + new to try justbecause.

This for the new mom.

This for the graceful mom.

This for the superhero mom who needs a new mask… 😉


9.) Coffee mugs

Because coffee = key for mom survival.


10.) Jewelry

Because ya can’t go wrong. 😉

P.S. This is the “Olivia” necklace that I’ve been wearing since she was born, that y’all lovelovelove so much! The girls who run the shop are the SWEETEST, and they gave me a little CUR-exclusive discount code for ya: erica15.


What are you planning to get your mom for Christmas? And if you ARE a mom yourself, what’s on your wishlist?

Merry Monday-ing. Make it a good one.

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