“I Will Raise My Vibe”

Good vibes – we all want ’em. We all send ’em. But unless we know what the heck we’re actually sending, we could be sending hot potatoes and no one would know for the better.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane together, shall we? To the last time you had a “bad day.”

…Mentally walk through that day.

When the first “bad” thing happened – what did you do? How did you react?

When the second “bad” thing happened…what did you do??? Didja vow then + there to nix negativity in its spot and turn the day around for the better? Or didja sum up the day as being “bad” and call it quits, mentally peacing out until happy hour?

If I’m being honest (#RealTalk, always)…I don’t necessarily react the best 100% of the time. If I’m not totally on my A-game (and who is 24/7?), I can let one negative moment get the better of me + say goodbye to any sorta good vibes that were hangin’ out. This just starts the snowballing process downward towards that pending “bad day.” I can even pinpoint specific moments where I’m packing that metaphorical snowball before pushing it down the hill to gain even more unnecessary momentum. No bueno.

But the second I can spot what’s happening, call it out, and actively work to turn it around, magic happens.

Suddenly, I feel more in control of what’s happening (even if I’m not actually in control at all). It’s empowering, really. To know that when you want good vibes to come your way…you can just make good vibes come your way. By simply putting OUT good vibes yourself.

It’s high time ya look in the mirror and pass along a necessary #RealTalk + dose of solid good vibes:

"I Will Raise My Vibe" - Good Vibes on Coming Up Roses

I’m not necessarily one for the “woo-woo” stuff, as they say – or at least I don’t think of myself as “woo woo.” But I do think there is something major to be said for manifesting good sh*t in life through the energy you’re putting out into the world.

In mindset/manifesting work, there’s this whole idea that when you raise your vibe – raise your vibrations of energy – good things will come to you, cos that’s what you’re attracting “from the universe.”  What you give, so shall you receive.

When times get tough, oftentimes, we find ourselves in a funk of “woe is me.” Woe is me is the worst mentality, simply because it eliminates our ability to recognize the YAY ME moments happening right before our eyes. Whether it’s something happening to us, for us, or around us, we’re unable to call it what it us, because our vision becomes clouded with the idea that everything + everyone is out to get us.

Negativity breeds negativity.

  • Walking around all day complaining about this or that, cursing the universe for such bad luck, and confirming the perceived awful-ness of your circumstances with “this day/life is just terrible!” is like an open invitation for more bad sh* t to come into play.
  • What else could possibly go wrong???” is like an all-access pass for more things to possibly go wrong.
  • Swearing “Today could not be any worse!” is like a dare to everything + everyone to – you guessed it! – make it worse.

Ain’t nobody got time for this kind of negativity, yo!

Raise vibe, raise life.

Really, it all comes down to that.

In the world of manifesting, folks say that you’ve gotta raise your vibe to a higher energetic vibrational frequency to “attract” the high vibe, amazing things that you desire in life. But basically, in super simplistic terms – good stuff vibrates at a higher energetic frequency within the realm of the world. Bad stuff vibrates at a lower. So, raise your vibe, raise your life. Get yo’ own vibrations as high as they possibly can, and watch the goodness pour into your life.

Granted, they’ve gotta be genuine – there’s no trickery here. But when you can force good vibes no matter the circumstances and really zero in on the GOOD, you’re setting up more good to come your way.

Intentionally focus on the good stuff.

Focus on creating positivity all around ya.

Set yo’ sights on the good vibes – on creating, sharing, + appreciating all things worthwhile.

When you raise the good vibes in your everyday life, your everyday becomes raised all around. I’ve seen this happen in my own life, so obviously anymore that it’s impossible to deny. The more good things that you celebrate, the more good things happen. It might not even be a matter of more good happening – it might just be a matter of recognizing more good all around, being more grateful for that, and becoming happier overall accordingly. And that’s a pretty darn good thing if ya ask me.

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How can you bring more good vibes into your life this week?

The challenge is on – if we ALL raise the vibes we’re puttin’ out there today + this week + beyond, how much more good can we bring into the world??? It’s all about the small stuff, y’all! In the end, the small stuff makes the big stuff. Can we collectively vow to RAISE THE VIBE + raise the bar and encourage really awesome sh*t to happen accordingly? I’m all in. Are you?

Let the good vibes roll.

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