This is the beginning of something REALLY exciting around these rosy parts! ICYMI, after graduating from Penn, J and I bought a house. From my reader survey way back when, so many of you requested home-related content…you asked, so I’ll deliver! It’s Home Tour time! I’ll be unveiling each room of our house in separate posts, and I’ll link to as much as possible for any of you on the house decor hunt, too. 😉  So with that…welcome to our home!

Home tour on Coming Up Roses

Welcome Mat

The home tour begins with our foyer. What started out as the cardboard box dumping ground for all of our boxes mid-move has now become one of our favorite little spaces to walk through because of its personality and warmth. We’re currently only using the first half of the room, with the wall alongside the front door staying blank. I might add a gallery wall later on, but I’ve got my sights set on having a digital piano against the wall on that side down the road, too.

Home Tour - Foyer on Coming Up Roses

If you follow me on Snapchat (erica_lig), you might’ve seen J’s super convincing demonstration in Target as to why we absolutely positively could NOT leave the store without this woven wall basket + chalkboard. Sure enough, it ended up perfectly matching the woven baskets we already had, so it was a total win – and it’s the perfect wedding countdown! We love having something right at the door to hold our keys + mail to be taken out. Everything is organized right where we need it!

House tour - foyer on Coming Up Roses

House tour - foyer on Coming Up Roses

House tour - foyer on Coming Up Roses

Console c/o Walker Edison – Shop it here + Follow them on Instagram!

Y’all. This center piece. It is currently my pride and joy. Why?

Because it’s actually a TV console.

This gorgeous wood + metal number is teeeeeechnically a TV console, but I just had a vision in my head to use this practically and decoratively in this room. It’s made obnoxiously well and is a super affordable piece, so I’m so happy with how this vision came to life! It’s bigger AND sturdier than what I expected, so I was so excited across the board. I love the functionality of having that little bit of storage on either side, and I’m planning on putting a wedding photo of J and I in the middle between these two prints come September.

Whether you’re using this piece as a TV stand or just a piece of functional furniture as I did, I can’t recommend it enough. We’re obsessed, and it’s a great price point!


The two adjacent bookcases were $30 a pop at Target – we opted for cheaper bookcases because we knew they’d most likely serve their purpose, and we wouldn’t need more. Especially since the room isn’t a main attraction, they do the trick!

Otherwise, I’ve got a reed diffuser and a tealight candle trio, the first ever photo of J + I along with our baby pics, a $2 date night jar, two of our scrapbooks, our stack of yearly photobooks, a “Soulmate” Coke can, and a stack of woven baskets that are pretty + practical.

House Tour - Foyer on Coming Up Roses

“All you need is love and a Cat”

“Your future is as bright as your faith”

Gold Sunbeam frame

House Tour - Foyer on Coming Up Roses

House Tour - Foyer on Coming Up Roses

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Many (if not most) of our bookshelf accent pieces are super personal in nature. The jar at the bottom of the above shelf, for example, contains the actual flowers that my mom received when I was born.


22-year-old flowers, dried properly and stored in this cute jar so that I always have my first birthday bouquet. Isn’t that cool?! My mom got me into that now, so any flowers from important milestones or events in my life now have a jar somewhere in my house!

House tour - Foyer on Coming Up Roses

House Tour on Coming Up Roses

I’m really stoked with how this tiny room turned out so far. Being the smallest passage in the house, it’s just a place to pass en route to the rest of the place, but it’s full of memories and good reads, and who could resist that amiright??

This art is pointing the way towards the rest of our home. My cousin is an artist, and my parents actually rendered her services for J’s and my second Christmas together. My dad must’ve loved J from the start, because never in a million years would I have believed that he’d commission a colored pencil drawing of us, memorializing our relationship forever if he didn’t think we were forever material! 😉


What do you think about our foyer? What types of home posts do you want on the calendar?

The home tour has only just begun! Let me know in a comment below what you want most so that I can add it to the bunch. There have been requests for decor, but there have also been requests for money management and budgeting for a house at a young age, as well as the actual house hunting process. No holds bar! Whatever would be most helpful and interesting to you, let me know. 🙂

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