INTRODUCING #BrandOut: 7 Keys to Stand Out to Brands as a Blogger

WOW…This has been a LONG time coming, y’all.

For a *while* now, I’ve had something huge on the secret backburner. And now, after what feels like a hike of Everest, we’re finally approaching the summit.

Those of you who’ve been following CUR for awhile now KNOW that I’m a two things. 1.) Ridiculously passionate, and 2.) Ridiculously transparent. I absolutely lovelovelove blogging (I mean obvi, it’s my fulltime job), and I lovelovelove helping other people. The fact that CUR lets me help fellow bloggers learn and grow and blossom makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, so what I’m about to tell you + do makes me HOT and fuzzy. Because y’all…it’s going to be HOT.


#BrandOut: 7 Keys to Stand Out to Brands as a Blogger.

It’s a FREE (yup, free) webinar, and it’s happening LIVE this Wednesday night, November 16th, at 8 pm EST. (Mark yo’ calendar!)

FREE WEBINAR ALERT! Introducing #BrandOut: 7 Keys to Stand Out to Brands as a Blogger

…You know what that means????

It means we’re going to be live online together, and I’ll be teaching a jam-packed class (like, seriously packed) that is going to help *transform* your game when it comes to collaborating with brands as a blogger. I know, I know…everyone and their mother claims to have a rockin’ class or course coming out, but how the heck do you know if it’s truly worthwhile before signing up??

Here’s how I know that #BrandOut is the necessary next step to transforming your own game.

Because I’m teaching the exact 7 keys that I’ve unlocked myself that helped me transition from side hustle hobby blogger to FULL TIME INFLUENCER. Six months ago, I was still in school at Wharton and Penn. I thought I was going into corporate marketing or brand strategy for a more traditional 9-to-5 path. But I realized that I had been grossly undervaluing myself, AND I had unlocked potential.

Since I first started working with brands, I have 30x’d my going rate for sponsored collaborations.

Yup, you read that right.


I’ve got 5-figures in projects already lined up and/or in process for 2017.

My inbox is constantly full of pitches and collaboration requests.

AND AND AND…I’ve nearly eliminated the middleman. Meaning, I run my own show sans many blog networks, with few exceptions.

And I don’t say any of that to brag. I say that because I want the same for you, and I know how to get you there. Better yet, I’m teaching you LIVE exactly how to get there. Why the heck, would you NOT want to come?!?!

If you’re a blogger who has wanted to work with brands (and we’re talkin’ getting PAID to work with brands, cos we don’t do free around these rosy parts 😉 ), if you feel like it’s hard to stand out online, if you’re unsure what makes you unique as a blogger or better yet, how to spell it out in clear and pretty terms that brands want to hear, if you have no clue how to guarantee that brands find you and love you and want to work with you time and time again, then quite frankly, you NEED to be at #BrandOut. Point blank period.

You’re encouraged to pour your favorite mug or glass and invite yo’ friends, cos we’re an inclusive bunch around these rosy parts. 😉

Think of #BrandOut as Phase 1 of what I KNOW is going to be a lifechanging thing for those of you who opt into the journey. You know I don’t hold anything back – you’ve seen my 2000+ word blog posts and detailed income reports sharing everything out there in the open in the hopes of helping you. So you can KNOW that when I teach something live, it’s a HELLA good presentation.


SO…are you in?!?!

If I were you, I wouldn’t miss this.

I’d sign up, mark my calendar, check it twice, set an alarm, and I’d go stock up on snacks now, cos we’re in for a truly eye-opening, value-packed night together.

If you’re in, just sign up with your email address and name below, and you’ll be good to go – you’ll be emailed a link to the webinar when we’re ready to go live together! OR, you can also just click on the “#BrandOut” logo right above here, and you’ll be taken to a lil’ landing page where you can sign up the same way.

Either way, make sure you get yo’self signed up. (+ check yo’ email to CONFIRM you’re in after signing up!)

Will you be joining us for #BrandOut?

The 7 keys to stand out to brands as a blogger await you.

I can’t wait to see you there.signature blog