LOOK-FOR-LESS: Nordstrom Sale Edition

Heyooo! Have you heard about some sale happening? 😉 The internet just about loses its mind every July with the commencement of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Obviously I’ve shared some ~thoughts~ about the sale here on CUR and have shopped it myself, but I’m also well aware that many of us have not been able to shop it yet since it’s currently still only open to Nordstrom cardholders for Early Access shopping. Since that’s a.) a bit elitist of them and b.) no fun to wait until the 28th for Public Access to open for all, I wanted to share some look-for-less options if you’ve been eyeing some NSALE bestsellers but haven’t been able to add to cart yet.

BONUS: all of the alternative options I’ve rounded up below cost LESS than their Nordstrom Sale counterpart. Granted, if I haven’t personally tried the “save” option, there’s no guarantee the “splurge” isn’t actually worthier quality – so keep in mind this is solely to get the look for less, not necessarily which is better quality or longer lasting over another.


Barefoot Dreams SAVE vs. SPLURGE

There are three real deal Barefoot Dreams blankets in our house (two full size and one Liv-size!) – it’s safe to say I’m a huge fan of the brand. BUT…even on sale, at $120 a pop, it ain’t cheap! I also own this $30 blanket from Sam’s Club that is – dare I say – BETTER than the Barefoot Dreams. They are so ungodly similar I cannot tell them apart for the life of me, which really says something. So if you’re a Sam’s Club, carpe diem and buy five. Stock up for gifts. Treat yo’self. And if you’re not a Sam’s member…might be worth becoming one just for these bad boys. 😉 My mom has one too and agrees!

Dyson vacuum SAVE vs. SPLURGE

They’re not the exact same vacuum, but I’m not sure how significant the difference between the two could be to warrant a $200+ price difference. 

UGG slippers SAVE  vs. SPLURGE

These $20 Amazon slippers have been a CUR bestseller for what feels like years at this point – I think we all have a pair by now! Ha! They’re about $60 cheaper than the UGGs, and in my opinion, they’re warmer, softer, and stay on your foot better. Mine also didn’t look dirty as quickly as my UGGs!


Steve Madden chain booties SAVE vs. SPLURGE 

$20 difference and they look *identical*. 

Marc Fisher thigh high boot SAVE vs. SPLURGE

I own this Amazon “save” and can 100% vouch for their quality. A really impressive, fabulous boot for fall! For under $50, it’s a steal.

Steve Madden western booties SAVE vs. SPLURGE 

Another near-exact look for less than half the price of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale option. Bless up!


Steve Madden chain mule SAVE vs. SPLURGE 

This year’s chain mule style is wildly reminiscent of last year’s ultra-popular style which sold out quickly. The shape of the shoe looks identical – just the chain size differs. This year’s is obviously chunkier and wider with less chain links!

Tie dye Vans SAVE vs. SPLURGE 

While I don’t personally have these specific Vans dupes from Walmart, I do have these, and they’re GREAT. Memory foam soles and all. So my money is on the saves!

BP western mule SAVE vs. SPLURGE

At first glance, quality seems like it *might* be questionable in the saves, where spending the extra $30 on these mules may be worth it if you can afford it. I don’t personally own either pair so I can’t speak from firsthand experience – just my two cents from first glance!

Fall hat SAVE vs. SPLURGE

Not the craziest savings, but savings nonetheless!

Shearling plaid jacket SAVE vs. SPLURGE 

Au contraire, wild savings here, folks! Especially for trendier items like shearling plaid jackets, I personally prefer the look for less. Get it for 80% cheaper on Amazon!

High/low drop hem dress SAVE vs. SPLURGE  

The style is a *bit* different here with the save being sleeveless and v-neck, but it’s similar enough to get the look for less! Each option comes in quite a few colors.

Rolling Stones tee SAVE vs. SPLURGE

The classic Stones tongues with a $31 savings. I’d recommend sizing up one on the SAVE if you want a more oversized look like in the SPLURGE, since it looks like it fits more true to size.

Rock n’ Roll sweatshirt SAVE vs. SPLURGE

I mean, this looks identical. I’m almost wondering if someone has copyright infringement at play here?! It’s SO similar, so clearly a look for less!

Leather jacket SAVE vs. SPLURGE    

GRANTED, the splurge is real leather while the save is faux, which makes a huge difference. BUT, since this is all about the *look* for less, you can most definitely do that with this thriftier counterpart!


Madewell cardigan SAVE vs. SPLURGE 

Now, I do own the Madewell colorblock cardigan from the last Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and I gotta say – it’s great. It feels like cashmere. So that cardigan in and of itself is a look-for-less of much more expensive cashmere counterparts. BUT if you want an even more affordable option, you’ll save $30 here!

Spanx bodysuit SAVE vs. SPLURGE 

If you caught my try-on haul with my hits + misses, maybe you caught my thoughts on this Spanx bodysuit already. Spoiler alert: it ain’t worth it. It’s TIGHT which could be expected in Spanx, but for a bodysuit versus shapewear I’m not necessarily looking to be sucked in EVERYWHERE – ha! My bigger issue with it is that it’s not a full-coverage booty – OR thong. It’s this weird in-between that makes it feel like you’ve constantly got a wedgie to pick. Cute visual, right? 😉 I personally own this Amazon option (in pink!) and it’s so much better – and full coverage in the behind. Bless up.

Good American jeans SAVE vs. SPLURGE

So happy to see one of my favorite retailers for denim with an option that’s 60% cheaper than this cute Good American pair from the sale! Lovelovelove the flattering high waist and the slightly distressed raw hem.


Frank & Eileen shirtdress SAVE vs. SPLURGE  

I have this Amazon shirtdress in a light denim, and it’s great! I recommend sizing up one for length. Especially since the more luxe option costs over $100 more AND is sold out, it’s a no brainer look for less. 😉

Veronica Beard dress SAVE vs. SPLURGE 

Another one where the “splurge” is sold out – and SO MUCH MORE MONEY. I get that Veronica Beard is incredible and such a popular designer…but for the look for less, grab this Amazon dress and save $222.

Cinq a Sept dress SAVE vs. SPLURGE  

I guess the pricier dresses were a bit hit in this year’s Nordstrom Anniversary Sale since they’re all sold out – ha! While these aren’t exact “dupes,” I think the save is a similarly pretty black dress with floral detailing to transition into fall.


Zella bike shorts SAVE vs. SPLURGE 

Granted, not a crazy huge price difference here – but a little savings never hurt nobody! I own the Amazon pair and they’re A+ quality. I think I have a few different colors in my drawer, too!

Sweaty Betty tank top SAVE vs. SPLURGE 

I again own the Amazon option, and I think it’s cuter than the Sweaty Betty! The Amazon tank, in my humble opinion, is a must-have for any closet. It’s a perfect layering staple but also looks great by itself and is great quality for the price!

IVL Collective leggings SAVE vs. SPLURGE 

These were another as seen in my hits and misses haul – no bueno on me. They’re suuuuuper snug and a bit too see through for my preference for the price point. For as much as I lovelovelove the scalloped edges, they were a pass!

Which Nordstrom Anniversary Sale SAVE vs. SPLURGE is your favorite find?

Anything else from the sale that you’re hunting for a more affordable counterpart?