My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps (Photo Editing, Money Saving, + More!)

My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps (Photo Editing, Money-Saving, + MORE!) - on Coming Up Roses

My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps (Photo Editing, Money-Saving, + MORE!) - on Coming Up Roses  My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps (Photo Editing, Money-Saving, + MORE!) - on Coming Up RosesMy 10 Favorite iPhone Apps (Photo Editing, Money-Saving, + MORE!) - on Coming Up Roses

My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps (Photo Editing, Money-Saving, + MORE!) - on Coming Up Roses

My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps (Photo Editing, Money-Saving, + MORE!) - on Coming Up Roses

My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps (Photo Editing, Money-Saving, + MORE!) - on Coming Up Roses  My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps (Photo Editing, Money-Saving, + MORE!) - on Coming Up Roses

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Some of the most popular types of videos on YouTube include “what’s in my purse” and “what’s on my phone.” My purse is a hot MESS right now (we’re talking receipts from December, 32 lip products and gum wrappers galore), so today we’re sharing a spin on the latter. I’ve always had to pick and choose what iPhone apps to keep versus delete from my phone…mostly because I’ve got 7,130 photos on my camera roll, a thousand and one messages and way too many emails, so my poor storage is just in SOS mode 24/7. HA. I’m also just the type of person who likes to constantly re-evaluate and revamp. Whether that means in my closet, around my house, or on my phone, I’m always up for a good cleanse to clear out anything outdated and add anything new + improved on a perpetual mission of self betterment and a bombdotcom life.

SO, here are my 10 favorite iPhone apps right now – they are the ones that I’m *always* clicking to and using the most, and what I’d 100% recommend you download ASAP if they’re not on your phone already! There’s everything from photo editing to money saving and more. AND AND AND…they’re nearly all completely free. Anything that requires any sort of payment for anything is indicated below.


1.) Planoly – Hello, my name is Erica, and I’m addicted to curating my Instagram feed. I don’t like Instagram as much as I like planning Instagram. Planoly lets you upload photos and rearrange images to essentially see how your grid of nine will look. As a blogger, this is *clutch* for things like your Instagram theme and overall aesthetic. For me, it’s just fun. I get so much joy out of creating content, and arranging + rearranging it until it’s juuuuuuust right, like Goldilocks and the 3 rows of 3.

2.) Snapchat – As much as I love Instagram, I moreso love the fact that Snapchat is still a relatively real, untouched space built on that in-the-moment, real time goodness. No pretty filter can hide the hot mess express. (Add me: erica_lig)

3.) Afterlight – My favorite iPhone app for editing photos! I typically tweak brightness and contrast, and saturation if neeeeeed be. I like keeping any photo editing super minimalistc, and Afterlight is a ridiculously easy-to-use interface, in my opinion. I prefer it over VSCO, especially since I don’t filter anything!

4.) Focus Keeper – This utilizes the Pomodoro method, which involves a series of timed intervals of work versus break. Yes, you can just set a timer. But Focus Keeper tracks rounds and goals to help you really optimize your productivity. A round is how many Focus Sessions you work on before taking a longer break, while a Goal is how many Focus Sessions you want to finish in a day (they’re each reset at midnight). It’s waaaay too easy for my focus to be all over the place (I blame technology), and I know I work better against a clock. SO having a literal clock right there to keep me accountable is mega helpful. Good whether you just have work to crank out, studying to do…heck, even cleaning the house in a disciplined fashion. LOL.

5.) Bible/SheReadsTruth – As much as I lovelovelove sitting down with an actual paper book to read, it happens not NEARLY as much as I’d like. For as much as I’ll keep forcing myself to create better habits and “me time” routines, I can’t afford for my prayer time to be up to chance – I’ve gotta work with what I know. I know I’ll be on my phone more often than I’d like, so relying on the Bible app for verses of the day and SheReadsTruth for more guided, themed devotionals is a solid way to ensure Jesus is #1.

My 10 Favorite iPhone Apps (Photo Editing, Money-Saving, + MORE!) - on Coming Up Roses

6.) Unroll.Me – Yannnno those emails you get where you just think…when the HECK did I subscribe to this?! Unroll.Me saves the day here, cos it lets you quickly swipe left and right to unsubscribe, keep, or “roll up” certain email subscriptions. Unsubscribing gets you off the list, keeping keeps you on, and “rolling up” aggregates messages to come to you at a certain time, so you know they’re all the ones you’re opting to just receive at once. You’d be surprised how many lists you get added to without even knowing (which is illegal, btw).

7.) Bond – I’ve talked about Bond before – it’s just the bombdotcom. Bond helps you create personalized “thank you” notes in wickedly fast time. You type out your gratitude in the app (on completely customizable stationary, might I add), and their team transforms your digital note into a cute piece of snail mail sent to the address you indicate. You don’t need to purchase stationery, write anything down, buy postage (bless up)…it’s all done by the app! You do have to pay a little to have a certain amount of “stationery” in your cart, but considering you’re saving on stamps, envelopes, and your own notecards but STILL getting to give the experience of snail mail, I think it’s so worthwhile. I also perpetually forget to send Thank You’s until it’s…a bit awkwardly late. Bond makes it easy to just type up your quick, meaningful note while en route back home.

8.) Starbucks – I mean…duh. This is one of those must-have iPhone apps. Corrine from The Bachelor swears her “vagine is platinum.” I, for one, have a platinum Starbucks card, which is much more useful and practical. The Starbucks app lets you upload gift cards and/or connect your payment info to pay at the counter, earning points all the while. They’ll frequently have different promotions through the app, too, where you might earn double points or receive perks for buying specific products. And it adds up fast! Hitting a certain amount earns you free food and drinks, so you KNOW I’m the girl getting free ventis all day.

9.) Venmo – Venmo is my favorite money-sharing app at this point. It was founded by kids from my alma mater university, so I’m a bit biased. 😉 But from paying your friends back for Uber, to covering a tab or paying the rent, Venmo is secure and totally clutch. You can connect directly to your bank account for easy transfer in and out!

10.) Bloglovin – SUCH an easy way to keep up to date on yo’ fave blogs! Bloglovin’ is just a blog reader; when you subscribe to someone’s blog, their latest posts will show up in your “newsfeed,” and you can just scroll through to read whatever looks interesting. SUPER clutch for when you’re in line at the grocery store or wanting something to do besides peruse the same Facebook feed repeatedly. 😉 (Follow Coming Up Roses here if you’re not already!)

What are your favorite iPhone apps right now?

I’d lovelovelove to hear your top iPhone apps…do you use any of my favorites already? What would you recommend? Drop ’em in a comment below!


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