My Most-Used Shower Products

CONFESSION TIME: I’m that person who actually totally cares about what’s in someone’s shower. HA. But my guess is you care, too? 😉 Truthfully, I think we ALL are Nosy Nellies that are insatiably curious about what’s in other people’s showers, medicine cabinets, pantries, you name it.  

I thought of this post idea while – you guessed it – in the shower recently, because that’s where all the best ideas come. I was staring at my product rack and just thinking about which ones are favorites for one reason or another, which are repeat-empties, or which I’d never use again – and I figured sharing my most-used favorites might make for some entertaining/interesting/helpful blog content on a Wednesday morning. 😉 

BILLIE RAZOR REVIEW - what's in my shower on Coming Up Roses


  • Dove foaming body wash – I recently got a few of these bad boys in the mail via PR to test out, and honestly, I wasn’t expecting to be into them. I’m typically not big on foaming body washes, because if I put it on my loufa and it just immediately falls off when water hits it – or if it feels like I’m applying shaving cream all over my body – it’s weird to me. But this stuff is actually GREAT. It’s a sensitive formula that’s sulfate-free (bless up), and two pumps works my entire body. And you get a FABULOUS lather with it, which completely surprised me! Currently have the shea butter + fragrance-free sensitive skin formulas in the shower for myself and J. I’ve got mango on deck to try next!
  • OGX coconut coffee scrubThis is now a STAPLE in my shower. I’m on my third bottle – and that’s saying something coming from the girl who will stand in the body wash aisle smelling bottles for leisure. HA. Not only is it this coconutty coffee smell that dreams are made of, but it’s a truly fabulous cleanser with just enough exfoliation. It’s not JUST grit so it won’t leave you feeling raw (because who the heck wants that?), but it’ll leave you feeling equal parts relaxed + uplifted with the scent! Also sulfate-free!
  • Botanic Tree Glycolic exfoliating body wash – This is another exfoliator I’ve been loveloveloving lately. The brand so kindly sent a few products my way to test out after hearing how much I adore their glycolic cleanser, and this one has been a fun find. It’s a sulfate-free formula with Alpha Hydroxy Acids for gentle chemical exfoliation, and the smell is so nice – it’s this relaxing, lavender-inspired scent perfect for a bedtime shower.

WHAT'S IN MY SHOWER (dove foaming body wash) - on Coming Up Roses BILLIE RAZOR REVIEW - what's in my shower on Coming Up Roses

  • Spongelle/loufa – Are there people who DON’T use loufas? Because this blows my mind. I could not live without one. Like, how do you actually get clean without a loufa? You’re just smearing product around your body??? Cue that I don’t understand TikTok jam and call me confused. I typically travel with a Spongelle since bodywash is infused into them, because it’s one less bottle in my toiletry bag!
  • Billie razor – OK FRIENDS – this is big. I’ve been testing the Billie razor for literally MONTHS – here’s the proof from a conversation with one of you back in JUNE about it.

BILLIE RAZOR REVIEW - what's in my shower on Coming Up Roses

BILLIE RAZOR REVIEW - what's in my shower on Coming Up Roses BILLIE RAZOR REVIEW - what's in my shower on Coming Up Roses

So, here’s the tea. I was SKEPTICAL when I first saw the Billie razor flooding my Instagram feed (and yours too, I’m sure). It seemed like every influencer and her mother was talking about this thing, and maybe like you, my first thought was What the heck is so good about a razor??? It’s a razor! 

Yes, it’s a razor.

But y’all, I can honestly say now that it’s a truly GREAT razor. Is it going to cure cancer or change your life? Maybe not. It’s a razor!

But is it going to change your shower routine for the better? Absolutely.

And really, getting to shave one less day, not having to sweat as many ingrown hairs, painful bumps, or irritated spots, not nicking your ankles or knees every 32 seconds, and/or saving money on what is a generally overpriced industry in the first place MIGHT JUST BE LIFE CHANGING.

When I first started trying it back in the summertime, I wasn’t terribly blown away. Probably because my expectations were SKY HIGH and I was half-expecting my hair to never grow back again thanks to good ol’ Billie – ha! But now six months later, I’m still going strong on the brand and won’t be stopping my subscription anytime soon. It’s too good to quit.

BILLIE RAZOR REVIEW - what's in my shower on Coming Up Roses

A few quick highlights to share:

The shaving cream:

I must preface this with saying I am NOT a shaving cream girl. My mom has been harping on me since the 6th grade to USE SHAVING CREAM for a safer, cleaner shave, but NOPE – more often than not I’m using run-off body wash for a mid-shower fly by. Or – gasp – attempting a dry shave below the knees in a hurry when I just blatantly FORGOT to make it happen in the shower.

This shaving cream smells great and leaves your legs feeling fabulous afterwards. It does tend to get a bit gummy in your razor which I don’t love, but I also never use shaving cream. And aside from shaving foam, which is a much lighter, fluffier potion, I can’t really compare to other comparable products out there because for all I know they all might get gummier because of the thicker, more hydrating formulation.

The magnetic holder:

This is COOL – it comes with a little magnetic holder that just sticks to your shower wall, so you can instantly + effortlessly hang the razor to dry and avoid any gross (and unsafe) moisture buildup that can cause rusting down the road. My shower rack has a built-in razor hanger, but I’ve attached mine to the wall to test out its functionality and it’s great – especially if you don’t have shelving in your shower or just need to save space. 

The price point:

The biggest + best thing about the Billie razor, in my humble opinion, is in its price point and convenience. A starter kit – which includes your BIllie handle, cartridges, and holder – costs only $9 and shows up on your doorstep. Then it’s $9 for 4 cartridges and you choose your delivery frequency (I do bi-monthly). It boils down to $2.25 a cartridge, which is CLEARLY a cost savings to competitors. And I get a noticeably longer time between switching cartridges with my Billie than I’ve had in the past with other brands.

BILLIE RAZOR REVIEW - what's in my shower on Coming Up Roses

BILLIE RAZOR REVIEW - what's in my shower on Coming Up Roses

BILLIE RAZOR REVIEW - what's in my shower on Coming Up Roses

BILLIE RAZOR REVIEW - what's in my shower on Coming Up Roses BILLIE RAZOR REVIEW - what's in my shower on Coming Up Roses BILLIE RAZOR REVIEW - what's in my shower on Coming Up Roses

No having to steal your husband’s Gillette, no having to brave Target crowds during a pandemic to grab something that costs $15 – an undeniable win.

The mission:

Billie is also a female-founded startup (launched in 2018) with this on their about page:

Shaving companies have always been created for men which may explain why we’re still overpaying for women’s razors and referred to as goddesses for shaving.

Women shouldn’t be an afterthought in the shaving category. We deserve to have a great shave and no, we’re not paying more for it.

We’re here to make a daily routine a little more delightful and a lot more affordable.

As a company, we donate 1% of all revenue to women’s causes around the world. We are currently donating to Every Mother Counts, an organization that is committed to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for women everywhere. Together, we can build a brighter future for all women.

I mean, YES.

Also, I’d recommend their travel case, too, since that keeps the Billie razor blades covered in your toiletry bag when traveling but ALSO aerates the razor to keep things dry (and again, rust-free).

OK, off the Billie razor soapbox and into the rest of my shower staples…


  • Peter Thomas Roth cucumber cleanser I didn’t realize before writing this post how SOLD OUT this stuff is – I mean, wow. I cannot find it on the internet for the life of me, so I apologize in advance! But it’s what’s in my shower, so had to share. 😉 I’m on my second bottle of this stuff, which is saying something since I feel like I always have 52 different cleansers on hand to test at any given point. This one lasts FOREVER – it’s soothing and a good gentle foam that works great on my Konjac sponge for an easy clean on morning skin. Its smell reminds me of a lighter, more subtle, more grown up Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon from back in the day. So so so good.
  • Tula purifying cleanser – TBH my Tula cleanser doesn’t often make it INTO the shower since I use it at nighttime at the bathroom sink, but wanted to include because if you’re looking for a gentler (but effective) cleanser, especially to use with something like the sponge I have linked next, it’s a great one – has been my fave from the get go! (+ you can save a few bucks with code COMINGUPROSES – always a win!).
  • Dew PuffThis little guy is GREAT in the shower. Could not live without it now. It’s a little sponge to help cleanse your face deeper while still being gentle, so it’s perfect for a.) in the shower and b.) first thing in the AM. I’m someone who feels the need to have SOMETHING “extra” when cleansing my face OR body, be that a loufa, sponge, cleansing brush, wash cloth, etc, otherwise I feel like I’m just smearing around product and not really getting a good clean. I re-purchase these constantly so that one is always on deck to help get a gentle cleanse that’s still effective – and it is much lighter than a cleansing brush or washcloth.

WHAT'S IN MY SHOWER - on Coming Up Roses


  • Shampoo & Conditioner – Pantene’s Nutrient Blends Collection is what I’m juuuuust about done with currently (blogged it here!). I’m not loyal to only one shampoo/conditioner brand or product – I’ve always loveloveloved trying diffreerent ones and just shop based on my hair type and color needs. Since I have color-treated hair, I try to just get sulfate-free products anymore – bonus points if they’re free of other not-so-great things like parabens, mineral oil, etc. For another affordable option that fits all of the above criteria, I also recommend Hair Food products! Colleen Rothschild’s Quench & Restore shampoo is a treat (I think code ERICA20 will still get you 20% off anything at CRB!), and I also always have bottles of Living Proof on hand.
  • Shampoo scrubber – I know this sounds dramatic, but now I can’t live without my shampoo scalp massager. You know how GREAT it feels when you’re at the salon for a style change or a blowout and the stylist just massages the shampoo into your scalp so dang great??? Well, this is that, at home, in your shower, for about $50 less than a blowout. HA. Such a fabulous little tool to help get a deeper scalp clean (SO good if you’re a big dry shampoo girl like me!) and removing excess product buildup. And not even 10 bucks! Great stocking stuffer idea, too!
  • Hair masks/treatments – Colleen Rothschild, Living Proof, Moroccanoil. Since I only wash once a week, I do a deep conditioning treatment with that to counter any heat damage or stress that my hair may have incurred throughout the week. All of these are currently in my rotation and recommendation-worthy!

WHAT'S IN MY SHOWER (pantene nutrient blends collection) - on Coming Up Roses WHAT'S IN MY SHOWER (colleen rothschild shampoo) - on Coming Up Roses WHAT'S IN MY SHOWER - on Coming Up Roses

What’s in your shower? Have you ever tried the Billie razor?

Have you tried any of what’s in mine? And have you ever tried any other Billie products?


*Thanks to Billie, a brand I lovelovelove, for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions + thoughts presented are entirely my own. Thank YOU for supporting the brands that support Coming Up Roses!